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Confero has another round of reward shops at a FF restaurant. I tried the test last night and got one wrong. I thought I read the instructions carefully and am wondering if there is a problem with the test or a trick question. As anyone else passed the test? I hate when they make you wait 2 days to retake the test. I did email the scheduler so maybe she will help me.

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I just did it. Thanks for the heads up! Make sure you follow the wording closely. I can see how it would be easy to misinterpret the questions!
Found my mistake. You have to be careful of the wording on one question. Read it word for word and compare with the instructions.
Read the guidelines carefully! The answers are in there.

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I just testing again this morning and passed. It appears they have altered the test and changed the one question I originally got wrong. There must have been many shoppers that were tripped up by the semantics of who to contact in the location.
I failed it, twice. Got 91 percent both times. Not that I put a lot of time into "studying". But it's no fast food for me. Bad puppy.
My first pass through I got 100%, but I went back and changed one answer (before seeing the score) and failed. The question about who to ask, I got right. It was the question about offering a combo at the start of the interaction (before ordering). I first said it met the qualifications, then changed it since I didn't see that specifically stated. I have since taken it again and passed. I noticed that other question had been changed. Also, I did not have to wait 2 days. I tried the very next day and it let me take it again.

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I didn't pass it and now will have to wait until I get another chance. The wording on the test is tricky. I read the guidelines several times and still did not pass. Will try again another day.

I got a 91% the first time. My mistake was the question about the combo. Took it again and got 100%. I signed up for one because I want to try the flatbread sandwich smiling smiley
Does anyone see any day time shops yet? All the ones I see are for after 9:00 PM - I am normally getting ready for bed by!
spaztck Wrote:
> Does anyone see any day time shops yet? All the
> ones I see are for after 9:00 PM - I am normally
> getting ready for bed by!

Mine is from 4-9 PM, dining room.
i've always printed in black and white for shops that say
to print in color. Never had a complaint about it.

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You got to be nuts to do this shop. All for $8 bucks. Ha hahahahaha....... I think the CIA must of set up this shop as a way to find potential candidates for future suicide missions in the Mid-East.
Truth .. That's why you do those that are closest to you, and take a couple at a time. Sure it's an artery clogger, but at least itmakes it worthwhile
Failed the first and not sure if I will put any more time in. However, I think they all should do it like Trendsource. Which is
you have unlimited passes and your incorrect answers are highlighted. You go back and correct and surely now you understand the assignment. Why make it so difficult. What is the goal?
I don't know what the report is like yet, but most drive-thru fast food shops are pretty quick & easy ~ and so are their reports. The guidelines for this one sound pretty much like the others. Having to go back to give the certificate won't take but a few minutes more. So $8 ain't bad for something that quick & easy, especially if you like the food, making that of additional value to you; and the place is close to you or other shops. I also like the late-night hours.

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I did these on the last phase and I like them. I have three scheduled for next week. The report is easy and I was treated very nicely by the staff, when I revealed myself. I was a bit nervous on the first one or two reveals I did, but they get more comfortable after doing a few. As I said in another thread, I like quick and easy shops like these.

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Watch your dates on these!

I received another "Udated Info" e-mail for one of them that had already been assigned. It did not specifically tell me the date was changed, but I noticed the date was not the original date. I logged into Confero, and sure enough, one of my shops had a new date. I am going to have to cancel it, since I won't be in the area that day.

I have never had this happen with them before.
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