Problems with CORI

Anyone having problems getting into CORI's site? For three days it has been telling me that it cannot establish a secure connection with the server.


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someone on the Shopping forum is having trouble too. I am in on this link: []

with no problems. I'm using Chrome.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
I had the site bookmarked and that bookmark no longer works. I had to go to their site and resave it as a new bookmark. I am not sure what happened.
Everyone who has had the site bookmarked for a while will have this problem. Cori switched recently to a www2 prefix for their website address.

Go to your bookmark for Cori, right click it, click "Properties," and where you see the web address, just stick a '2' between the 3rd 'w' and the dot.

That, or just delete the old bookmark and surf to the new site's address, and create the bookmark anew once you're there.

Or just stop shopping for Cori, particularly if you're the person who snatched up all twenty shops within 45 minutes of my home that finally would have been back in my rotation this month. And you took them on day 2, after only one increase. Which means next month they'll be low for me, even when I take them towards the middle of June when you still can't get them, but which is when I'll HAVE to take them just so you can't. And in July they'll be even lower for you on day 2 than they were this month on day 2 because I had to take them lower than their max in June since it's clear that I can't trust you to let me have a turn.

So, yeah, everyone except for the price-killing shop snatcher in my backyard, go ahead and change your bookmark and everything will be fine.
Try using a different browser. Last time I couldn't get in using Firefox but had no trouble with IE.
Thanks guys! Problem solved. I had it bookmarked for the old address and needed to change the site. Thanks again!

itsasecret Wrote:
> someone on the Shopping forum is having trouble
> too. I am in on this link:
> []
> ps.asp
> with no problems. I'm using Chrome.

Have you ever tried to upload a report using Chrome???? they said they only allow IE for uploading reports. i have never tried.
It's hit or miss with Chrome as to whether it will go through, and if it does go through, Cori still may not receive all your submitted information. If they receive the report and if all the info or photos doesn't make it through, they'll be on your case because the report shows the browser used.
I have to enter my documentation through FireFox and my forms through IE. They are still working on updating their sights forms. It seems that everytime a form is changed, one can't uplaod the report that is completely filled out.

Has anyone noticed that on some jobs you can now change the date of when you will complete it? they sent an e-mail about this. I have only found one so far that I could have changed the dat.
My desktop has chrome and so far no problem uploading to CORI. My 2 laptops has different programs.

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