Anyone else verifying endlessly on CORI site?

For the past ten days or so, everytime I log in to CORI the site asks me to verify my PayPal email address on the "Payment Options" page. I do and hit "Update Profile". This sends me to the "Signup Completion" page. I have to then hit "Go to the Auditor Homepage" to get to my main page.

It's wacky because the "Payment Options" page always displays a message on the top right reading, 'PayPal Email (Verified)".

I'm mystified.

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Yes, mine has been that way since signing up with them, beginning of april, perhaps end of March.
It's nice to know I'm not alone. Hope they sort this glitch out soon though.

Silver Certified in the Great White North
It has happened t me from day one also. I normally access the site through firefox except when I am submitting reports via IE. It occurs on both browsers for me.
I was starting to wonder about that. I have been receiving payments every 2 weeks it seems. So I just ignore this annoying glitch.

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