Tons new Cori GS locations

There's been a near doubling of the number blue and yellow GS shops available, all the new locations marked QTR (I'm assuming quarterly).
Wonder what the re-shop wait will be for these?
Wonder if they'll go up in price similar to slow pace of the revealed blue GS quarterly shops?
Wonder if the rest of the blue and yellow shops that are still at their starting price will ever start going up in June?
Either way, this more than doubles my blue and yellow 50-mile potential, including making available the only Cori shop in my little one-horse town.

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considering they are for the same locations as the regular shops it's likely
the regular shop will be phased out at those locations.
They won't do two at the same it will be a net decrease in available
shops similar to the way the other brand cutback to once a quarter for many

Also the commissions on many are still stuck at their starting rate while
it past months they would of been at their 2nd if not 3rd increase now...

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In my area the gas stations that have never, ever been shopped are now being shopped for the quarter and then some of the ones that do get shopped are also in on it.

Pay isn't high enough to take yet though. Gonna have to wait this one out unless Chicken Little gets them all for not enough money.
I have noticed that the same company has been depleted on those blue and white (think X) shops in the north east. there just last month 100 jobs in my area ,now there only 2. Did some other company take the shops over? I can't get an answer from Cori . Oh and those blue and yellow shops with QTR marking have a 3 month life span so the commission for those shops won't go up for about 75 or 80 days. I need my X shops where did they go!!! HELP

Happy Shopping to all.
Same thing going on out here...all the Blue and Yellows are at their starting rate. I noticed there are about 25 of the Blue and White or Red and White, depending on where you live, that are no longer on the list.
Tech - None of the shops marked QTR in my area are old shops, they're all new to my list.

Tech, SAM, Jan - Some of the old B&Y GS shops are still at their starting point. Some have been increasing at their normal rate. All of the new QTR shops are at their starting rate.

bxb - Sorry, I must not have red and white shops near me. If the new B&Y QTR shops follow the same pattern as the current blue revealed quarterly GS shops, they'll probably be going up about every 15 days.
From Cori in Findlay - The new QTR shops are indeed quarterly, but the end of their quarter is the end of June.

My speculation - They'll hopefully be going up fast to catch up with where they should be for last sixth of a quarter shops.

From Cori in Findlay - They're trying to figure out why the regular B&Y GS shops are not going up and then fix it.

My speculation - When this has happened to stray locations in the past, they skyrocket in the last week, but at that point they've been quite isolated since everything else had gone for the month by the end of week 3. This time there are lots affected, so hang tight and wait for a good last week of these shops.
Ok, I've been shopping for a little over a year, but I'm still a little new on certain things... I understand why you can't specifically say the names of clients, but can someone fill me in on the MSC being talked about in this post? I'm constantly finding companies that I haven't registered with yet & I think this is one of them as I don't recognize any of the client descriptions.
Yep. All the previous locations just went up to where they would normally be at this time of the month. All the QTR shops went up 50%. Keep in mind they need to be done at the end of June, so just for this month they'll be catching up to the normal shops in price rather quickly.
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