RSG and Bare International Contact?

Can anyone give me an email address? I put in 2 apps earlier today. The jobs are kind of far way, but I'm going in that direction tomorrow any way. I just "assumed" they would be assigned to me pretty quickly. I would hate to have to cancel my app because someone was asleep at the wheel, but if I don't get assigned by the time I leave in the morning, it's not going to happen. Thanks


Silver certified, I shop in Cities in NM and TX that no one has ever heard of.

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-- for <ooops! ICA violation!> shops in my area. maybe she can forward your email to the right person

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Robert, you need to edit out the client name in your post. It violates most ICAs and the rules of,the forum. The email addy can stay.

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Keep tring on that Bare shop. They are amoung the finest msc in the business. I have done over 600 shops for them and never an issue (that I did not cause by error).
Thanks! Will hold onto that address for the future, but Bare assigned the shop and RSG must not want me to do it. It is still on the job board, but no longer in my apps. I feel rejected!


Silver certified, I shop in Cities in NM and TX that no one has ever heard of.
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