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I just received payment from shoppers confidential to my paypal account. It was in canadian dollars. I am sure I read it someplace and just didnt realize it. Whats the best way to handle it, have paypal reduce it and take the lesser US dollar payment, or let them pay it in canadian then have my own bank exchange it?


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The bank will exchange it in the bank rate if you transfer the money unto your account ( usually the bank charge more that the exchange store, at least here ( in Canada) it's work like that, I prefer to do my exchange in some store exchange) .

Or you can buy by INTERNET products....

But if you choose to transfer your money to your bank account, just be sure that the Canadian $ is enough hight compare to US $.
Hello hello,

I know this post is from a little while ago, but we will gladly resend you the payment in the correct currency. We just ask the shopper to refund the initial payment.

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Happy shopping!

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