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I've done two shops for them. Awesome phone support for both. Interesting work. On the long side for hours required. On the high side for pay (for the more complex shops.) On the slow side for payment. On the annoying side for number of emails received per day.
I just did my first shop for them today, so I hope so! Excellent pay, and the report wasn't that long. I have done longer reports for MUCH less.
Very reliable. I have done 10 shops for them over the years and always got paid. I find their pay a little low in my area for the amount of work required which is why I have not done more of their shops. In terms of payment they are in the middle IMHO: not the fastest and not the slowest.

BTW: There are many posts on Aboutface and if you use the search function you will get a lot of information. Also, below your post there is a link to the Aboutface posts.
I did my first shop on 7/23 and received payment in my Paypal today. Very fast turnaround, but it was a large reimbursement, so maybe it pays quicker? Either way, I had a very good experience with them. I had to reschedule the day the report was due because I had to take my son to the dr. for an emergency. Juliana was very cooperative and moved my due date to the next day. Based on this experience, I would rate them at the top of my list for responsiveness and efficiency. Not to mention the fee was pretty high.
This is one of my TOP 10 MSC's I work for (and I have done work for more than 80 of them). They get a lot of "off the beaten path" shops like Car Washes, College Bookstores, Eyeglass, and Veterinarian new Pet Med shops, some with excellent reimbursements.

There are times when I will throw up if I have to inquire about another Smart Phone or when my oil has been changed five times in one month that I can always count on these folks to offer me something refreshing and different.

Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
This is also one of my best companies.

Pay is good, fast and excellent support team.

Yeah! About Face.


Shopping Centra Fl and beyond into eternity!

I find their pay for college shops to be really low for the length of stuff they want you to note.

Silver Certified ~ Shopping all of Toronto and beyond
They are legit. I like them, but I agree their college bookstore fees are low for the amount of work involved. Love the free flea/tick meds for my kitty!
james.johnson620 Wrote:
> Does anyone know if AboutFace is a reliable
> company?
> I appreciate any info.

I have worked for them in the past (last year). I was always paid on time and the amount that was promised. Jobs were always exactly what the work order said. I would do more with the company they just dont have a lot in my area.
Excellent, used to do more but got tired of the driving...I always pick up their shops in my area (need more). Nice people.

Live consciously....
I had a bit of a fiasco my first and only shop I've done for them, but they were great about it. I called where I was supposed to shop and turns out they had no idea what I was talking about. (It was an event of sorts) Anyway, I got on the live support right away and they just asked that I email about the phone call and then paid me $5 for my time. I really appreciated it because I wasn't expecting anything at all. It was a short phone call and an email. smiling smiley I'd love to work for them again but haven't seen any more shops in my area.
So far so good.. I wish they paid quicker but c'est la vie.

Silver Certified ~ Shopping all of Toronto and beyond
I've done plenty of shops for them although they are pretty much limited shops in my area (Southern Ontario/Western New York.) They are quite reliable but I find the pay is low so I usually have to negotiate something more decent before I'll do the job ($10-$12 does not cut it for me and $15 for out-of-town definitely does not cut it!)


Shopping Southern Ontario (Canada) and Western New York (U.S.A.)!
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