Harland Clarke Feedback please.

I received an email looking for MSPA certified shoppers for a company called Harland Clarke. How are they as a mystery shopping company?

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I'm not MSPA certified, but I've done several assignments for HC which included reimbursement for mileage. They are fully reputable and have always paid by check as agreed. They only do banks. I've always found their requirements clearly explained and easy to follow and their reports simple and straightforward.

I suppose you can take all this with a grain of salt since I worked in banking for years in my former life. I recognized the HC name immediately the first time I saw it because I knew they were the same as the well-know check printer. But, I always review their e-mails to see if they have something I want to accept.
They are great company good pay but I can't do that company any more. It was my first job l did not do good job for them.
They are "the" check printing company, if you order checks from your banks. The schedulers are fantastic, but the report is very detailed. The pay is good and timely.

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They break their shops down into several different "shops" so you will probably have a facility shop, teller shop and a financial rep shop. For some reason I am terrible at doing these and I haven't figured out why. I've decided not to accept any more as I don't think it's fair to HC and not worth dealing with my angst. Oddly enough, I have done other bank shops and been commended for my good reports. The pay is good and the fact that they pay mileage is a huge plus. Other folks on this forum love doing their jobs.
P.S. I say try one. I think we all have to find the areas we are comfortable and you may find you really like these shops.
As a novice shopper in 1/13 one of my first shops was for HC. They are wonderful to work for, reports are easy and they pay fast. This is one of my best companies to work for However, sometime their regions are not in my area and I have not had shops for about 8 weekss.

This could be a computer glich though so I will be contacting them tomorrow about this.

Overall reliable and great to work for. Have you worked for Pinnacle? They are also great in the shops for the Baning Industry.


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HC is a well-funded MSP, meaning you should not worry about getting paid. While I haven't been wowed by scheduler communication, I've pushed through it. They have made progress in their reporting system, which not long ago was ridiculous. Their expectations are well-stated and explained. I wouldn't necessarily call their reports easy, but they are straightforward.
Does anyone else have a problem getting them to send you shop lists? I am registered with them and have done a couple of shops but when I e-mail asking for a shop, I never get a response.

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They do mostly bank shops and they are one of the companies that require you to invoice them. I've done one bank shop and the payment was delayed and have to email them couple of times to remind them of payment. Since then I have not done any shop with them.

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