Delay in Beyond Hello marking reports?

I did two shops for them on Monday, but my reports have not been evaluated yet? Has this ever happened to anyone before?

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My experience with them since July is that it can take up to 10 days for them to evaluate my report and submit for payment depending on the requirements of the assignment. If they have evaluated your reports quicker than that, then I have something to look forward to.

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They can take a very long time to review reports, do not worry, its more normal then not for
Yes, this past Monday. Usually, they've marked and returned them within 2 days. But, if you're saying there's been a delay, then I will leave it until next week.
Last month the turnaround for mine was quick. This week I submitted a shop on Tuesday, but it hasn't been reviewed yet.
Thank you for posting this.. seems like reports are being reviewed very quickly now. Just had two of my shops reviewed today.

Silver Certified ~ Shopping all of Toronto and beyond
So nervous because I forgot to get the name of the left-side store in the mall and used what the mall directory said. I went back the next day to the mall for the return and saw what the left store REALLY was. I emailed them right away correcting report was very detailed and I provided the receipt proving I was there, so I hope they don't reject it.

//Edit : Also both shops say "received" but there's no score or feedback.

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