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I just want to say how much I love this company! They keep me busy with assignments, are super easy to communicate with and very helpful, and they pay in a timely manner! I've been with them for awhile now and never had a problem. I highly recommend them!

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I finally got an assignment that I applied for over three weeks ago.. never told me about it until today. I like the fee they offer but wish there was more for my area.

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Nicest company in the world. I recently did a shop for them that reimbursed for parking. I used public transport instead of driving, so I didn't submit a parking receipt. My scheduler emailed me to ask how I had gotten to the shop and offering to pay for whatever method I used. Now I'm getting reimbursed for the subway ticket! I only wish BARE had more shops in my area.
I am scheduled to do a few museum shops that reimbursed parking. I emailed and told them that I would be taking the train, and they agreed to reimburse train fare instead. Given, they will probably save money, as the round trip will be about $10, rather than the $16 allotted for parking. Either way, I couldn't be happier.

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I like them too, I've done more of their shops than any other company. I've done all the mailing things in my immediate area and also a technology shop for a warehouse club. They have a few other clients just out of my area that look pretty good, I might see if I can put together a road trip and do a few of them.

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Wow they have museum shops? I'd love to do something like that. This area just has package shops.
All my experiences with their schedulers have been great. I even had to write and tell a scheduler I had to cancel a shop because of a crisis that came up; and she kindly rescheduled it out a few days later when I could make it back to that town, without any penalty.
Bare have some great associates - just not the management. They don't pay what they should, when they should and do not keep promises.

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