Why cant I select a shop in CORI?

I have been clicking away at the calendar icon for the past 15 minutes. I opened it in Chrome and Internet Explorer.. I can't select anything. Is there a trick to it? I even went as far as to click every single day just to see if one would take. I can't select a single one. Its an "immediate" filling, but I see no option to check out. sad smiley What am I doing wrong?

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You have to take note if there is a black border around the green 3 day window of dates. That is the only way you can select a shop.

Only the day you are in and the next 2 days are allowable for most jobs - ie: the 3 day window, even if there are green boxed dates if they don't have a black border you are not eligible for them for some reason.

It is kind of complicated as they have all these color codes that are meaningless to us if we can't select them anyway.

Sometimes you can contact a scheduler and get them assigned manually, it just depends on the job / deadline / reshop period etc.
I just messaged them, no dates have black borders. Thank you for the insight.

-Inkling grinning smiley

*~Shopping the Orlando area today, tomorrow the world~*
The green boxes never work for me. I have to click one of the three gray boxes and they work.
My guess is shop rotation has new dates blocked. I have a gas audit today that is a holdover from last month. The fee has risen on the August shop but assuming just a 7 day rotation, another shopper will probably not be able to assign the location before next Monday and won't be able to visit before Wednesday.

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Start with the current date, what colors do you see for each date going out one week? Be sure to distinguish between light blue and grey.
I once talked with chat about a shop that would not let me pick a date after days of trying. She told me that the start date was on a date the following week. She offered to assign it for me but I hadn't planned that far out yet. It was confusing because it said immediately and was paying $40.00.
Geesh... that would be annoying to not assign a $40 shop!

I've noticed that a time or two, also... it says "immediately" and the pay keeps raising, but the only available dates are still a ways out ~ or it even says in the info (before you get to the calendar part) that the project doesn't start til some future date. Weird. :/

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It may be that the available dates for the shop are still a ways out for you, but not for other shoppers.
When in doubt, however, given them a call. The glitches in their system abound.
I had that problem last month with some hardware shops for them. They were posted, but it took almost 2 weeks before dates were selectable. Was told it was because they were making some report changes to the shop, and they just left them until the changes were ready. Or maybe they just don't like you grinning smiley

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Does anyone know why they have that stupid 3 day window? Is it because they think you're more likely to flake if you schedule something more that 3 days away? I've passed up shops with them a number of times because I already had scheduled something with one of the HUNDREDS of MSCs that allow you to schedule things a month in advance.
HA! I'm the exact opposite. I almost never schedule something more than 3-4 days out. I think it's because I'm still new and haven't quite got the hang of scheduling stuff yet.

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Actually, I don't think it's that they think you're more likely to flake, but rather that it's harder for them to recover from a flake with less time before their end of the month deadline.
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