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About Face has been around for quite awhile. I've done many of their shops and have always had a good experience with this MSP.

Independent Scheduler
Their reports are easy, and they pay on time per their contract.

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I have also done a job or two for them. This company doesn't have a lot of work in my area unlike some other companies that I work for already.
Really like them, they seem human in understanding of mistakes. Wish they had more in my area, but I get enough for now smiling smiley
They're good and they send me to a kind of store I really like.

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One of my favorites - good communication from scheduling and editing. Clear guidelines and reports.
I like them, but have not heard anything about pay but it hasn't been that long. I really liked them tho.
They are good for amusing reading anyway. I enjoyed one today that specified "mail with or without license, female with license". I wondered if that was junk mail I could present . . . oh, since I'm female I would need a license.
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