CORI - still waiting on direct deposit verification

I have been waiting for my direct deposit verification for a month now. After talking to a CORI rep on the phone she suggested I resubmit the information. I have done this and I am still waiting.

Has anyone else had this issue?

The rep suggested it was my bank, but if I call my bank is there anything specific I need to ask?

I have a check I'd like to get!!!

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are you sure you entered the right amount of zeros before
the account number and routing number? Routing should be
9 numbers including any zeros. account number could be any
amount of numbers depending on bank.

Just ask your bank what is the correct account number and
routing number to use for direct deposit.

Perhaps you have an old routing number that they are not
using anymore.

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If you can not get the DD straightened out.....maybe do pay least you would get paid.
Also remember this company changed hands right about the time you submitted this.
I the bank first and make sure you have all the current/correct information.
Good Luck
Hmm, checked the routing number. it is 9 digits.

I copied and pasted directly from the banking information online.

So I suppose the next step is to call the bank.

The silly thing is the banking info was the same as before. I was simply re-entering as the bank had changed hands and I wanted to make sure it would go through!
I changed bank accounts a few weeks ago and I just got mine validated the other day. It seemed to take forever but it's done now.

Good luck.
If your bank was purchased, the routing number should be different since they are unique to each bank. Also ask them if there was any change to your account number. When mine was purchased a few years ago the routing number completely changed and I think they added a few digits to my account number.

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