Beyond hello reports

Would anyone be willing to enlighten me beyond hello reports. Are they extremely detailed? I'm considering a shop for them but am new to this and really don't wont to get in something I'm not ready to do.

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To me, the reports are very similar to Intellishop's, with BH's being, maybe, a tad less detailed. They want you to "paint a picture" of the entire visit, starting with a critique of the parking lot and the facility and ending with the salesperson walking you to the door (if they do, that is). They call it "a snapshot of the visit".

It's not as bad as it might sound, however if you haven't done a lot of shops which require narrative, you may want to wait a bit....or.....dive right in.


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I have found them easy, particularly if you simply go down the list of questions in order and make a comment on each. I always get high scores from them and they really don't take long to do.
nanabelle Wrote:
> I think this company is one my slow
> payers.....that's my issue with them.

They pay on their published schedule so I don't mind. I find that their reports vary although they are not bad.

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