CoRI website slow?

I've been on the website for the past hour trying to see jobs, take an exam, trying to see jobs again. It's painfully slow. The job board keeps churning and not displaying. Is anyone else seeing this? Is it normal for CoRI?

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

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Got it now. It is displaying all jobs in Canada - ALL jobs. That's why it is slow.
Is there a way to filter the search? I can't see one.

I only see: "Country" & "Search for". Even filtering on available jobs makes this a massive list & 99% of the locations I cannot get to as they are 1,000s of miles away....

Mike T
Looking for shops in Western Canada

"Life is good because the alternative is forever "
I have been trying to put in a report for at least an hour now and cant get to the report. The site was working fine early this morning but now it is taking FOREVER....
Tried chat ....but as we all know that is a JOKE.
17/17 ......

I really wish they would get the communication moving better with this company.....
WOO HOO.....It finally went through....ONLY took me 93 min!!!!!
and I ONLY have another 15 shops to put in!!!

UGH!!!!!!! Going to be a LONG DAY!!!
Nope, can't get it to display any jobs at all.

Wanted lunch while I'm out doing shops today. LOL
Ugh, can't submit my report. Keeps giving me an error :-(

Update: It shows completed in the job history and is out of my assigned shops. I guess I have to wait until Monday and see if it went through or have to resubmit.

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CoRI's site was always slow when I logged on.

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This morning I don't see any job description for some shops I want. Something's very wrong. I emailed them, so I'll wait and see before I click anything. I don't want to use my past experience as a guideline. They change all the time, as you know. sad smiley

The partial job description is very slow to load also. Oh boy..
I see jobs, and just submitted a report. My problem was that I was using Firefox. It causes hiccups with CORI. My shop submitted just fine, as in the past. The last two reports I have submitted though have not prompted me to save a copy. After submitting, it goes to an error screen. I probably should use IE, as they suggest.

CORI also doesn't like me using yahoo for my email. Since I started shopping with them years and years ago, every time I login to their site, my home page has an email notice on it, requesting I change to gmail. I probably should do that, too. winking smiley winking smiley
My partner as a yahoo address and they sure do not like it. They recommended gmail. We both have not change yet but we might have too or just forgot the ice cream treat.

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