Cori Assignment & Commissions.

I just signed up with CORI and haven't done any shops for them yet. However, it I been watching there job board.

Are there certains days that commissions typically go up? Also, I have been watching one where the commission has gone down and then back up again . . .

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they go up randomly....usually about every 5 days from whichever day
they first raised it which varies per a shop and it's end date...

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Sometimes, I'll see the fee at one price and then a few hours later?? .. BAM! It's gone up significantly!
I haven't tracked this in a long time and this info may be out of date, but shop fees used to change at 11 PM CST but not on any particular day. Y'all are welcome.

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Now..check this out.

I just took 3 jobs because the fee increased significantly since this morning.

Thank you very much, Cori smiling smiley
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