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I received an email this morning from Second to None for one of their specimen shops. Since I have a very high pain threshold and it didn't sound like a big deal, I was thinking of doing it but I see a lot if negative feedback regarding their other types of shops. Anyone have experience with these shops they can share? What's the report like? Do they pay on time or do you have to chase them? Any info would be appreciated.

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Nothing about the shops, but my experience with them has been positive regarding pay which is monthly, always correct and always on time. Just a head's up, since they offer direct deposit as a free option for receiving payments, if you choose PayPal you will have to pay the fee.

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My experience was that it was pretty painless (pun intended). I've done a couple and would do them again. Fairly easy report if I remember correctly. AndI've never had a problem with payment from this company.
These are so easy! I've done 4 or 5 and, I swear, there's not a negative side to them. Do it. Do it. Do it!


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Easy assignment and pays quickly. I have completed two of these so far. Wish there were more in my area.
I have done two and they were easy. The only reason I stopped taking them is because of the morning time frame of open to 10am. They used to have some in the afternoon.

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It would take around $100 for me to even consider a shop like that!! I don't do needles well.
Great specific shops, great phone support from the MSC, timely and reliable pay.
I miss their office supply shops.
I have done a couple of bank shops for them. Their report for that is more detailed than most, but they do pay in a timely manner.
I will say the shop was super easy and they paid quickly. I wish they had another because I need to have a real blood test done through that company and keep putting it off hoping I can get paid for it--the scheduler told me I could use my real paperwork but the shop had to be done four days before my dr. wanted the test done.
I like the MSC but never do the blood shop. I have veins that are not always cooperative for blood draws and besides that I have to have my blood drawn at least once a month so I have never done one of these. I would do a urine test if they ever asked for that kind of specimen.
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