ShopNChek Scam

I was checking my emails and I received one from ShopNCheck--a company that no longer exists. I think Marketforce took it over. The email looks legit. That is until you read the sentence that says you'll be paid $300-$400 per survey. The grammar wasn't too bad in this one either. But when I just read it again, the grammar isn't so great--evaluate the "services" and try to upset the "attendant".

Just thought I'd post about it in case anyone thinks it could be legitimate.

Edited after re-reading the email. smiling smiley

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LOL...That sounds funny -- Try to upset the attendant.

Reminds me of that show Mystery Diners where Charles Stiles (or Restaurant Stateout with Willie Digil) will send in the customers to give the server a hard time to see how well they know the menu.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
MF has not retired the Shop N Chek name everywhere, it's only been retired in the US (Canada and Mexico are still using it).
I'm pretty sure we don't have ShopNChek in Canada any more either.

Speaking of scams, they arrested 3 people in the Calgary area for one of these mystery shopping scams. They intercepted lots of letters with fraudulent cheques. Law enforcement in USA and Canada were working together to catch them. Was on Global Calgary news a few days ago.
Hell everyone! I'm new to the otherside of Mystery Shopping (I used to work for a company right out of college but it was as a survery editor). This is my first time being the shopper but I'm skeptical about all of the things I've been hearing about Shop N Chek. I got this email today:

Dear Survey Agent,

This is to inform you that your first assignment officially starts Today 10/24/2013, you would receive
package containing funds for your first assignment Today via FedEx Mail, we are sorry for the delay.

N.B. Please add this email to your Email contact list, to ensure all our emails gets to your inbox.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail and package when you receive it.

Yours Sincerely,
Andrew Wilson

Is this legit or a scam? I'm worried now. :-(
bretagne Wrote:

> Is this legit or a scam? I'm worried now. :-(

It has scam written all over it. My biggest concern is.....why are you worried?


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I wonder how these sleaze bags are getting the email addresses of shoppers? Is there a Judas goat out there in MSC land? I know I research any company like the most paranoid, tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist in the world, before I give anyone ANY information. I even use Start Page for my general searches!
They send blast e-mails using all sorts of variations on names. Being in the business just makes us more aware.

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I get these way more often in my non shopping emails than my shopping one. We just have a forum to talk about them.

With regard to the original question, I can't imagine a reason why any company would send funds to a person they didn't know before they completed a shop.
What I don't understand is why people are so hard to convince that it is a scam?

Really, somebody who has never done a shop is going to get $300 for their first one? Everyone wants to think that they are truly special. I have people tell me that their friends get these emails and ask them to ask me. I can't convince them it is not real.

Favorite: $300 to shop Wal-Mart. #1 Wal-Mart is not shopped. They were shopping the photo labs for awhile. What did they pay, $9? At one time, they were having "shops" done by their credit card holders. Not real shops like we are used to doing, but same concept. I think that they paid $5, no more than $10. You can shop cell phone providers in Wal-Mart. Again, $15 max I think unless the location was in BFE.
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