I'd like some current experiences and opions of Sinclair. I seem to be constantly busting my behind trying to get shops assigned from then, and then when I finally get one, I wonder why I went to the effort. What are your experiences?

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There are two in my area that I like a great deal. One is sort of a personal indulgence because I like to look around the store--it is not very profitable but I take it mostly because I enjoy the store. The second is nitty gritty practical. An easy shop with $15 pay and $10 truly useful reimbursement. As for their others, I'm unlikely to take a cheap mall shop for a snack. I'm also not fond of Mexican food so I avoid that shop (and I think it is for 1 person anyway). They used to have a grocery in my area that was the pits, long, redundant and useless in addition to being a cheap shop. So they are all over the place in my estimation and you just have to find what works for you.
I love Sinclair, although their pay is not great. I do love the Mexican food, so I do take those, but I haven't seen the mexican food shops since January. Not sure what's up with the Mexican food chain..... or maybe it's just here that they're not shopping? Anyone else seeing the Mexican food shops? The others are mostly mall shops, $10 pay and $7 purchase reimbursement. Most are high end stores and it is hard to find something to buy that is anywhere close to $7 but they are easy shops and fun stores and I live right by the two malls where they have most of their shops. I've not seen the grocery shop since I've been shopping - only since October. I will take the snack shops - $8 and reimbursement - if I have another shop at the same mall; they are fast and easy shops. They've never complained about my reports or asked rude questions or threatened to disallow a shop without even asking a clarifying question (MForce!). I did have a technical problem entering reports twice in a row - very frustrating - but they seem to have fixed that. They pay me on time. They don't seem to work weekends but I can always get an e-mail answer when I need them M-F. And I love self assign, it is so easy. All the shops they post in Austin are self assign.
Here, since the drug store got purchased, they only have the occasional marine store, the cooking store (LOVE that) and the cosmetics. I haven't seen the cooking store in a couple of months-either someone is beating me to it or it hasn't been shopped lately.

I hate their computer system, but some of their shops are super easy. They pay on time.

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AustinMom Wrote:
> . Not sure what's up with the Mexican food
> chain..... or maybe it's just here that they're
> not shopping? Anyone else seeing the Mexican food
> shops?

Bare does a Mexican restaurant chain in North Carolina.
This one is a fastfood TexMex I think that is located only in the southwestern states like Texas. When I've traveled I haven't seen them in states other than Texas and a couple of nearby states. Haven't seen any of these shops since January. You can't bring anyone with you :-(, you do both dine-in and drive-thru so you pretty much waste one of the meals :-(, pays $8 plus food reimbursement for the eat-in and the d-thru meals. You were only allowed you to accept 2 in one month although there are a number of locations in town. Between October when I started and January I did 2 each month. The assignments thru self assign online seemed to sit waiting all month, so they were easy to get but suddenly in early January they dried up. On the positive side, the food is surprisingly good (if you like Mexican and Tex Mex which I love), they weren't hard shops and the times and locations were pretty convenient :-). I really miss these shops.
We're definitely not talking about the same shop, AustinMom. The one I'm familiar with is a sit-down restaurant, franchise, but pretty nice.
AustinMom, I used to do the FF Tex-Mex too, but they were slow getting rid of them around here. They would sit on the boards all month, but I never saw any of them bonused. The one they had that I really miss is the bank. It was a local bank, one that is in almost every grocery store and WallyWorld in our area. Teller paid 10.00 and banker 15, but were super easy. I confirmed with them that they are no longer shopped.

And Flash, this is the grocery shop I am talking about. They still have this chain here in Texas.
What a pit of a shop that is! If I recall, the questionnaire was 23 pages of redundancy. Hope it has gotten better since then!
Nope, not a bit better. Page after page of the same thing, and now they've added a "Warning" not to answer the same questions the same for each department, or it will subject you to audit. How many different ways can you save "Average"
Yes, barbage, I'm glad someone else enjoyed the FF Tex-Mex besides me. Those shops DID just sit all month here, too. There was a limit of 2 per month and they held fast to that. I was never able to talk the scheduler into giving me more than 2 even when it looked like I was the only Austin shopping interested in doing them and I never saw them bonused. Then I did my 2 January early in the month - and after 1/10 I haven't seen anymore. They have the marine shops here but no cosmetics.
Even though I used the brand, the cosmetics is a crappy shop. The scenario almost guarantees you will be pegged as the shopper.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
I've got the purchase return cosmetics shop in July. Oh Joy.

Talk about being pegged as a shopper, that probably was me yesterday shopping two fitness places. I was fit once smiling smiley
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