When does Mystery Researchers pay?

So, I did some assignments for this company weekly during the month of October. Really enjoy working with them. Their website says they pay every other Tuesday, via PayPal. All of my shops were "Received" the day after I submitted them. Does anyone have any insight on when they pay? The shop log does not list any payment date. Thanks!!

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they used to pay much faster then they do now. Still waiting on my October
shops to be paid as well...

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Something has changed with these guys recently. Some shops are not being received in a timely manner and on two occasions I was paid once a month instead of every two weeks without any warning or explanation. Hmmmm!
Weird.. I did shops for them in October and got paid last Tuesday? So if you were to get paid, maybe you will receive it next week? I noticed this time that they did not mark a payment date.. I didn't even know whether my shop was accepted or rejected because they sent me to a location that didn't sell the product they wanted me to shop. I would e-mail Lisa with your questions, MilesMum

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