Second to None Shop Submissions

Is there a way to save a shop in the middle of inputting it and then go back later and finish it? I couldn't figure out how to do that with this MSC. I do it all the time with the Sassie companies. I started my report late, and it seemed as though I had to finish it or lose everything I had done. I really wanted to stop and go to sleep!

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I'm wondered this as well. I do know it saves the information you've entered on a page when you move to the next page. I've also left an in-progress report too long and it timed out on me. I had to log back in and was relieved to see everything had been saved except the page I was on when it timed out.


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Whatever you have typed until the point you stopped, as long as you keep pressing the bottom arrow next it will be saved. Unfortunately, when you log in again it will bring you to the first page and you have to keep pressing the arrow to reach the point that you stopped but all the data that you typed in would have been saved.
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