BARE Doesn't Know I speak English

I've done 9 shops with BARE. I went to self assign a shop, but I got a message saying that I could not do so. It said that I needed an English qualification? I looked in my test center, but I do not see such a thing. I saw one, but it is for International BARE shoppers. I live in the US. How do I fix this?

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Contact them. Sometimes there is a glitch in the system. I took the English test, just for the fun of it but they haven't credited my passing it. It still keeps on saying, "Take the test." Actually it says, 'Written English test - for evaluators outside of the US/Canada/UK.'

I took the Test for Audit (for Evaluators in Europe only) and they credited my passing it.

They are usually very responsive. But I did not bother with the English test again as I live in Canada. Good luck!
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Shop elsewhere they are a wreck!!
No, they're not.

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Same. I also went ahead and took the English test and passed it. It may be that certain regions aren't recognized somehow in the system.

On a similar vein with the language thing - I got counted off on one of my reports for them with (what I'm PRETTY sure was) regards to American versus UK spelling of a few words. I tried contacting them on it - no dice. My E-mails were ignored. I did receive full pay, though.

Just vaguely related.
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