Sinclair shops

I used to do several different shops for Sinclair and only am doing the grocery shops now as that's what I see when I log in. I know they still have the shops for the cooking supplies company and the related home goods company but they don't pay enough any more to consider.

Anybody know if they have others out there?

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In my area it's mainly a pizza chain, though they have the home goods and cooking supplies company as well as a pretzel shop if I expand my search far enough out.
Auto dealerships, pretzel, pizza, home goods, kids home goods and banks.

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I see pretzels and the home goods/cooking supplies. I also see a taco shop, but it's too far for me at what they pay.
All I see is the mexican fast-casual and the pretzel place... wish they had the pizza in my area sad smiley
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There website drove me out the window, I am typing this dangling from the 19th floor!!
All I see is pretzels. And actually this month nothing shhowed up in my search but I got a call for a bonused pretzel shop. Yummy! smiling smiley
ishopalot Wrote:
> There website drove me out the window, I am typing
> this dangling from the 19th floor!!

It's "Their website" smiling smiley
jrich Wrote:
> All I see is the mexican fast-casual and the
> pretzel place... wish they had the pizza in my
> area sad smiley

If you have tried this pizza restaurant you might know you aren't missing much. While it may be shaped like a pizza, that's about the only resemblance it has to real pizza. Of course, anyone who can sell a large pizza for $5 has to be cutting corners somewhere, right?

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For a list of their clients, start on SCM's home page, click on Qualifications, then Briefings. The list will be clients in your defined area. Also, you can tweak your geographic area under your Profile, by adding and removing zip codes.
The pizzas are, well, what you'd expect for the price. Often I will only take them if bonused, but at least they have actual shop pay versus the other pizza shops that are (normally) reimbursement only.
I was registered as a shopper with Sinclair a few years ago (took a break when my kids were little-little), and emailed Sinclair last week asking them to make my account active again. I haven't gotten any response, and haven't been re-activated. Is it unusual to wait so long for a reply to an email?

I would not be too concerned, LA. It's end of month and nearing the holidays. If you haven't heard from them by the first of the year, I would contact them again. It has been my experience that they don't always reply swiftly.
A live person answers their phone. It might be faster to call. They are really NICE!

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Also, I always recommend that shoppers not deactivate their accounts. A better method is to discontinue email notifications. Then, if life changes and we want to resume shopping, all we have to do is log in to our profile/preferences, and resume notifications. Waiting for the MSC to reactivate an account, can be costly and time consuming.
I'm not entirely sure if I de-activated it, or if they did once my emails started bouncing. I have re-activated with a number of Sassie companies, and most have a note that I deactivated myself, but some say the company did. Either way - maybe I will call them. A couple of my other re-activates weren't something I could do instantly online (most were), but those I heard back from very quickly.
I just signed up and it won't let me add more zip codes. Just refreshes to my current zip. I travel a LOT and can cover a lot of ground... has anyone else had trouble with this?
I haven't seen a $5 pizza client with Sinclair in my area. The $5 pizza place is with another MSC here. Hmmm. Are there two $5 pizza places?

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Mert Wrote:
> Have you tried deleting some zip codes, in order
> to add a zip to where you're travelling?

It only has my default zip code, so only one in there.
Which grocery shop? They have two. Their newest client has two types of grocery shops. It's been discussed some like the mystery shops (minimum 15 minutes) and others prefer the OOS (minimum 1 hour). For their first grocery client, minimum in store is 20 minutes, plus a phone call.

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