Confero FF Reward Shops

I just completed the new round where you need to buy 2 large combos. I made a mistake on the drive through and ordered a small combo, so don't know if I will get paid/reimbursed. The instructions say "please" order a large combo, not "required". I wrote the scheduler but no answer so far.
Actually, if I had ordered 2 large combos the reimbursement would not have been enough. I have one more of these to complete. The pay is not worth all of the work involved even with the partially reimbursed meals.

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I am one of the schedulers for this project. If your meal exceeds the reimbursement amount, please let your scheduler know. We will take care of it for you.

Thank you!

Kate Rattner, Mystery Shop Scheduler

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I would love to take one of those shops but that is a LOT of food!


Motivation increases when we assume large responsibilities with a short deadline.
pammie8223 Wrote:
> I would love to take one of those shops but that
> is a LOT of food!

I once did a shop for another company where we had to order one of EVERY size of a certain item .. and count them. Well I had 68 of the bite-size pieces in my freezer, and it took me three weeks to go through them having occasional late nite snacks. I'm glad they eventually were finished ... burrrp
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