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Has anyone shopped for J M Ridgway, located in Los Gatos, California? I got their e-mail on Sunday, May 3 for a job that needed doing ASAP. I accepted & did the shop & report that day. Guess I should have checked the feedback on the boards first. I haven't been paid and the Shop Log still shows "completed" not "received" and no payment date. I haven't seen anything on this forum but Volition feedback shows a history of late payments. Anyone here worked for them?

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I have never shopped for this firm (I am signed up with them but have never seen a shop offer for HI from them) so I can't comment on Ridgway itself. However, if they use Sassie, I have noticed that some of the MSC's I work for never change the status of my shops from completed to received (or is it vice versa? I cannot recall without looking.)

In my opinion, that alone is not an indicator of whether they have processed the shop or not. But I agree with you that it always "feels" better when it is marked the way we expect it to be!

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Followup: I e-mailed at lunchtime and got an immediate response from 2 schedulers with a name - Ann - and an e-mail address. I e-mailed Ann and she e-mailed me back almost instantly promising payment thru PayPal today. When I got home from work at 4:14 I had notice of PayPal payment. This is the only shop I've seen for them and it was a reasonable shop that I enjoyed with an easy report. And now I've been paid!
Wow! That's awesome, Austin. :-)

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
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Yes they are a good and reliable company. They usually pay through Pay Pal
I did a shop for them on June 16 and still no payment. I emailed a scheduler and she replied that "Ann" was out on sick leave and doesn't know when she will be back. I replied, "Is Ann the only one in the payroll department, and she replied "Yes." I also, tried calling the main JMRidgway number and all I got was a message that if I am calling as a Mystery Shopper to call the Shoppers hotline at this number. I called that number and all I got was a long message to beware of the scams and then was disconnected. Help!

Ann must have an on-going illness.
Then they should be hiring a temp to do her work, or someone already on their payroll should be doing it. If someone answered their phone, then someone was on site. Ann being "sick" does not negate them of their obligations to pay per contract.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
No, no one answered the main number or the Shopper Helpline. On both there were only recorded messages.
I do a lot of work for them. Yes they do need a little prodding as a reminder to pay. Send email to your schedular if you are unable to get Ann and it is immediate payment via paypal.
Is anyone still having trouble with receiving payment from them? I have only shopped for them once (mid July) and I yet to receive payment.
I don't shop for this one anymore. In order to get paid, you must e-mail and ask for your money; when your request reaches the right person, it used to be Ann, don't know if it still is, you get paid. So if you forget to ask, you don't get paid. Or if you wait a long time to ask, you won't get paid for a long time. I feel that by doing an assigned shop, I've earned the money; I refuse to shop for companies that make me also chase the money to get it.
Anyone have any current contact info for them to request payment?

I did one shop last July and receive payment in November. Now for my latest for them, it's nearing 90 days.
I completed my first shop for them on February 9. This topic had me go and look for their payment guidelines. Below is what I found from their site FAQ. I do not remember being told that I have to submit an invoice. Can anyone tell me how to find the link to the invoice? Also, does anyone have an email address for Ann?

3) How do I get paid?
You will be paid by check approximately 30 days after the completion of your shop. When assigned a particular shop you will be provided with a website that includes a link to a Invoice you can print out.

4) What if I don't get my pay on time?
1st make sure you submitted an invoice properly. If so then contact Ann, include full name, assignment details including name of store, date of shop and amount of invoice. If you did not submit the invoice properly, submit the invoice again and you will be paid ASAP.

I also found the following on their shopper overview page:

Compensation checks are released with a one month delay. For example, shops completed in October will be paid the end of November. If you do not receive your check by the 45th day, please email Ann and they will advise you of the status.

This is the second place that they say to contact or email Ann but don't provide the contact or email info.

Lastly, I found the following phone number on the Contact Us page:

Shoppers must ONLY call the shoppers hotline 1.209.710.8667.

Update: I found the email address of Ann. It is aa@jmridgway.com. I didn't realize that it was a clickable link on both the FAQ and Shoppers Overview pages.

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I did one shop for Ridgeway but found the additionial work to collect my payment was more work than performing the shop. I decided the additionial collection process required makes it too much work for a relatively low-paying job so I have not accepted any more although I frequently see jobs in my area. That doesn't mean I will never work for them again but so far I have chosen not to.
I have done many shops for them. They are definitely on the up and up! Payment always happens quickly, but to me...payment within 30-45 days is quick. They are good.
No, absolutely not. I have done some Harley shops and many other small shops for them and they pay good. If you are new to shopping, take this advice. Forget about the money, just do the shops and respect your schedulers . The money will always follow. Many shops pay 30-60 days. Some of my hotel shops pay 30-90 days and the money up front can be alot. I get called from all over the country for shops in my area. You have to trust the scheduler, not the company. A good scheduler will not work for a bad company and just because someone pays you 60-90 days does not make them a bad company. It is spelled out most of the time. You are in a great arena. It seems like more and more companies are shopping. A frenzy of shops for one company normally means that they are being purchased by the company shopping them or looking at purchasing them. (I also like stocks...LOL!)
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