Corporate Research... a little odd

So I did not receive my email confirmation of my pending payment on Monday (didn't get it last week either) and when I went to the website it showed no payment pending as it normally would but it shows a payment made January 3, 2013 for the amount I am expecting. I imagine they made a mistake and meant January 3, 2014 so I think I'm getting my money this Friday but I'm a little confused.... anyone else notice this?

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the reason why it shows as completed is because they put 2013 instead of 2014.

Will that affect payments on Friday, that remains to be seen. Maybe someone
should ask them of Thursday...give them time to correct it.

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Also a little odd they have a bunch of special "loyalty" shops that have never gone up in commission. I started watching them around the middle of the month thinking I'd grab a few if they got up to a do-able price. Here it is the last day of the month, last day of the quarter, last day of the month and they are all either 3.00 or 4.50 (depending on location) but still the same commission they started with. Now they have them all listed and the exact same shops listed as January shops, still with the same price.
I am a bit fed up with payments and this company. Let me preface and say, I do the normal job board projects and have no troubles at all. They pay like clockwork. What I am having trouble with is shops that are not on the job board and are assigned routes with a significant bonus after completing them. When Steri did it, there were no problems. Since Expert took over last quarter we (many shoppers who *Reply All* in their emails) had to fight to get bonuses paid. They were about a month or so late. Many of us, me included, refused to complete any additional shops on our routes for the new quarter until the bonuses were paid. There were several excuses, none of which seemed plausible. After the bonus for the 3rd quarter was finally paid, I finished 4th quarter and was done by deadline. My bonus is now several shops short. They paid the bonus as a single lonesome payment (not attached to any shops) initially. I asked about the bonus being short and was told they have to attach it to a shop. Huh? The majority of the bonus wasn't attached to a shop and now they can't create a deposit without having a shop to attach it too?

Disillusioned! Lol. BTW, if any of you here are the shoppers who accidentally hit *Reply All* to the emails for the routes, I love you! I love to see that many of you were feeling just as frustrated as I was and threated/took action in the same manner. Although I only hit *Reply* to the actual sender and keep my emails semi-private, I love that ya'll did not!
also don't forget because this payment is being received on
January 3rd...the income does not count as part of 2013...
it counts as your first income for 2014...for taxes done in 2015.

Unless of course cori screws up and leaves the date received
as 2013 and then reports it on your 1099 as 2013 income.

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There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots
When you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody
jpgilham Wrote:
> unless you're me and do accrual accounting...

Same here. Accrual accounting seems so much easier as you don't have to make record of any accounts receivable the following year.
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