Can't pass that (*&^% Sinclair test!!!

Ok, this is the 2nd time I've failed the Sinclair test. I'm a college-educated, reasonably smart person who has been mystery shopping for 4 years. I know that "precede" means "before," but by the time I finished that test my mind was fried from all the "X" and "O"s.

And since I failed, I have to wait another 30 days to even retake the damn thing. What is up with Sinclair? Are there assignments even worth all this aggravation?

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You may be overthinking it. They only have one shop that I think is well worth it (since there are 4 locations in my area). The rest are low shop fee and you get reimbursed either a meal or a small item. I really like the company. I have always had great communication and they pay like clockwork.

I took my test late one night when I was too tired to put much thought into it. I passed on the first try. Good luck, but don't sweat too hard over missed shops. You are not missing any big bonuses!
Sinclair was one of the companies I signed up for in a huge blitz of signing up for MSCs back in the day. I passed the silly tic-tac-toe test the first time by some miracle. Then again I have computer programming experience and debugging often involves figuring out exactly what the computer is doing, so maybe that helped without me realizing it.

Gigi has a point though, Sinclair is a good company, it's a shame they don't have more clients to shop (I've only shopped the one pizza client).
I also failed the XoXo test twice and I got an email from a scheduler offering to help me with finishing the test and getting me started as soon as "today" but its now been nearly a month and still didnt get it resolved yet.
I didn't have any problem with Sinclair, but I couldn't pass the GFK test. I sent an email and a lady replied that I had been unlocked and can take it again. I haven't tried yet.
Someone suggested reading each question out loud while taking it and it worked for me, I passed it on the first try....about 5 years ago. In my state, they have a lot of jobs with fair to good pay.

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Another one of those SAT test that make your eyes cross! Passed it, but not much work around.
I don't even remember doing a test like you all describe when I signed up with Sinclair! I just remember the test for their yummy warm dough product shops. I like my yummy warm dough products with cinnamon and sugar, and icing dip. smiling smiley

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They have a few decent shops in this area. Getting all the shops to show up is a bit tricky. You have to punch in zip codes that you will work in and then assign a radius. I finally ended up putting in about 30 different zip codes in my area to get all the shops listed. They have a great tex-mex grill shop that I love, and the pretzel shops aren't terrible. Pay isn't great, but it's a great meal in the middle of a long day of gas stations.

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LOL!!! I just failed the test 2x also! I just over thought each question and kept on changing x's and o's, o's and x's, o's and o's, x's and x's! Its like a reoccurring's all I see when I close my eyes! The problem is ...I don't want to wait 30 days.
oh well...look! a squirrel....I must chase it! Enjoy!
I did not have any problems with this one. I passed the test (whew) and have performed shops for them.
All I know is that I passed all the tests I was interested in and after doing the slew of shops twice, I was not interested in doing their shops anymore. They were mostly high-end and purchase and return.
Yes, the fee was not something to talk about.
Well, I'm ashamed to say goes...I have an English major and failed that damn test first time!

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Sinclair Test I was talking to myself after taking that damn test, I actually got mad at myself thinking I can't be this
dumb. you are right all those X and O anyway after about an hour and a glass of wine I figured it out
and did it again and passed. But I know what you mean
I'm the odd one out, I guess. It's been a while but if I remember right I passed this test the first time. Dumbest "entrance exam" for an MSC ever... but I did pass it.
I'm SO glad to read these posts as I failed too the first time and was miffed at the whole process. I even let my account go dormant as few months but then got a email to get back in there and since have seen some very attractive shops in my area. I've only done one so far.

I think the MSC's really need to make it a little more reasonable to get started. I'm not against it if they demand a short open book type of test if they need to see if you understand what's required, but a few MSC's come off like we are in Kindergarten. I suppose those companies must run into a lot of shady shoppers. My favorite companies ask for a well written paragraph which to me would show them everything they need to know.
I remember that test being intimidating! I like Sinclair, but they don't have much around here. Some high end home/kitchen shops, a Mexican (ish) joint, and a pretzel company. None of which are high paying, but their forms are simple and I will occasionally pick up their shops if it is convenient for me. I was expecting more after that intense test!
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