Market Force mentioned on a Grocery Store commercial!

I saw a <Grocery Store> commercial the other day and turned away just as they were saying something about customer approval and something about Market Force, then the Market Force logo was shown at the end! Have any of you seen this? Just what we need, right? An msc that is nationally advertised to draw in more competition!

Mod note: Even though Market Force obviously allowed their name/logo to be used on a grocery store's TV commercial, just to maintain forum consistency, we'll leave the store name out here. Since Market Force seems to be the more relevant entity to be named and discussed, over the grocery store. smiling smiley

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!

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Competition? You were looking forward to shrink wrapped, gray vegetables ? I say let them be flooded with new shoppers. It will drive up the flake rate and make the schedulers and editors miserable for awhile, which makes a seasoned shopper more attractive as deadlines approach.

up, up, down, down, left, right,left,right, B,A, start.
I must be lucky....all the <particular Grocery Stores> that I do in the small towns around me have fresh, nice vegetables. No gray shrink wrapped ones!! :-)
Sorry about that title. I did not sleep well last night.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
Michael C Wrote:
> Competition? You were looking forward to shrink
> wrapped, gray vegetables ?

Nah, just competition in general.

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
This thread makes me think- at some point Discovery Channel or someone is going to do a reality show on MS'ing and we'll end up inundated with noobs who think it's a get-rich-quick opportunity ultimately ruining the industry for the rest of us....

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
You don't have to worry about noobs who think it's a get-rich-opportunity. They'll disappear fast. It's the noobs-who-need-every-extra-penny that you need to worry about. winking smiley
I saw the same commercial yesterday and they say that the grocery store chain was named #1 by Market Force. That's convenient, huh?

I'm "Sandi" in the Middle!
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