Anyone having trouble getting their payment. It shows on my log that I was paid on the 10th of February but have not received it. They are suppose to be reentering payment. I like the company and have never had problems before but was wondering if I should be worried.

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Email their payment department (the address is in their FAQs page). I had the same issue, but I had changed my payment option. I emailed them, they said they sent it but they'll send it again. Received the payment a day or two after that. Very polite and prompt.
I have received mine too. You know, I would never have even noticed that I had not read about issues on this site. I had never had problems with them in the past and I over reacted when I read some of the comments. I will have to remember in the future not to pay so much attention to what I read.
I have done that and it took several days but I got it. Actually I got it twice. I have emailed them about this. They were very nice and assured me I would get paid. If I had not seen that others had trouble I probably would never have checked on mine. I have worked for them several years and they have always been fair.
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