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Does anyone know an e-mail for this company? They have several jobs posted in my area, but when I attempt to accept them, I am advised to contact the scheduler. The big issue is that there is no e-mail listed for the scheduler or the person whose name was on the assignment. I received an e-mail showing these available assignments as well, but it was from a generic prophet mail address. I replied to it, but have received no reply.

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The only email address I show is with a contact name of Heather Price, VP of Operations.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Yes, that is what I show. I just tried forwarding the same to . Maybe someone there can put me in touch. Thanks for the response smiling smiley
I don't have a scheduler E-mail because I haven't run across shoos in my area, but Michael Miller is their President and his E-mail is
Thanks! I just forwarded the question to him. I do not see them often, but there are several right now that I would really like to do.
I never did get back to let you know that this worked. Thanks AustinMom and Phoebe70. I got these and have decided that I like this company smiling smiley Job assigned, done, and paid! Great company.
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