Maritz new client -- grocery store

I just received a email about a new grocery store client that Maritz has. They are taking over now as one of the big MSCs!!

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.

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they can't handle any more new clients. They will
collapse under their own stupidity

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There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots
When you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody
I thought I would try one just to see what the guidelines look like. I picked the one closest to my house (2 miles away). I think it's funny that you have to wear the orange vest (like for a gas station!) to do a grocery store audit.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
The guidelines are pretty long. I hope that this is just a case of the guidelines being wordy instead of real work. LOL

I'll see when I complete the one to see if I take any more.
They do give you a range of like three days to complete it (you sign up for the range so you can reschedule on your own calendar without rescheduling the shop if something comes up) kind of like their bank ones.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.
If this is the same one I think it is , I have done this one for months. The Lady Shoppers think I look stunning in my orange vest. Plus, Bonus money is available...grinning smiley

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
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