Another BAD EXPERIENCE with Corporate Research International

This is really frustrating.

I was assigned to a Dunkin Donuts shop that had to happen from 4 to 7 pm. I had to buy a ice cold coffee and a "breakfast" sandwich. Yes, I know...a breakfast sandwich after 4 pm? Anyhow...I proceeded and started the shop.

I ordered the coffee and then the sandwich. But the sandwich was not available because the restaurant does not have croissants and/or bagles to make the sandwich later in the day. So...I could not buy the famous sandwich.

I did not buy anyother thing...following the guidelines.

I completed the shop and submitted the report. I CLEARLY EXPLAINED THE SITUATION THAT I ENCOUNTERED IN THE REPORT.

Come today...I received an e-mail that I had been "unassigned" from the shop because I had not bought what I had supposed to!!! Ridiculous...right?

I lost...gas, time, my coffee (ugly tasting beverage by the way) and my patience.

Seems that the editor did not even have the courtesy to read my comments.

And the weird part is that two hours later, I get a phone call from CRI asking me questions from the shop.

But...for the record, I was unassigned.

Sad...very sad.

What kind of amateur "editors" do they have working in this firm? This is unacceptable.

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When I find that a job requirement seems to be either confusing, difficult, or nearly impossible to do,I always contact Corporate Research International through it's "online chat." It gets you directly to the schedulers so that you can have all your questions answered before you even attempt your shop.

Even after you perform your shop, you can "online chat" with the representatives so that they can convey your message to the editors of your report. This is also helpful when you need to have a stupid or ridiculous error corrected.

By "chatting" with CRI, you can have your problems immediately resolved and in some cases, even negotiate for an extra bonus to be added if you need to attempt the shop a second time (after the instructions that you have the first time were not correct).

You can get to the "online chat" feature from your home page. Good luck.

I agree that the online chat is great and you get instant results. However in rardon's case the shop had to be done between 4-7 pm. Unfortunately, they didn't find out until they got there that the sandwich was unavailable. Live chat is only until 5pm. One time I contacted live chat on a Friday afternoon, after 4pm I believe, and waited and waited with no results. All reps were busy and I had to leave a message. No one contacted me until the following week. Again, live chat is great and I never had a problem early in the day. I wish the live chat was available until at least 8 pm and also on weekends.
When the item not available, you suppose to called the scheduler or email the scheduler and explain the unusual situation. I have done Dunkin Donuts shops over and over again for another mystery shopping company and I'd never encounter the problems you're having. And if you're not a coffee drinker, you will never like iced cold coffee! I love coffee,period.
I have been trying to chat with CRI for 2 days with no reply, I have also emailed them. With trouble downloading photos and a buisness card, I lost the file twice, I still have gotten no reply! Do they ever respond?
Online chat is on the bottom of the home page. Hours are 8-5 eastern time, Monday thru Friday. After hours, it says offline and you can leave a message.
can someone tell me why I am getting a white line through some of the text. some of it is so bad I can't read it. thank you for your help.
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