Hi all! Is sinclair known for calling shoppers about shops not on the job board? Ive only done a handfull of jobs for them and so fsr really like them.

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There are a lot of shops that are listed that just don't show up on everyone's boards. My wife and I both work for them, and she has some listed that I can't see, and the same goes for the other way around. They called her a couple of times for shops that aren't listed on her screen, but are on mine. I don't know if there are different requirements, and they just waive them at some point and start calling, or what the deal is.

Also, there are rotation periods that would keep you from seeing a shop if you've done one at the same location recently, but they may call to ask you to do it.

Some times you just have to turn around, give a little smile, toss the match, set the bridge ablaze, and walk away.

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I usually get an email on available shops. Have not bothered with the shops on their board. Oh, now I know why I haven't done any. The fees are not spectacular and they are normally purchase and return.
They have an internal rating system. If your rank is not high enough, you don't see all the shops.

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They have very limited shops in Toronto and they are high-end shops which require cash outlay. One
requirement was one had to do all of the shops in one area. And they are mostly purchase and return.
And I very seldom login but I get the offers too often by email.

I got a call end of the month and have completed the shops for them with bonus.
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