Nutz on Stericycle Expert Solutions ExpertFIELD FORCE MS 101 Test

Can't pass their MS 101 exam, have reviewed video, and can only find one problem: Q2 has both client's instructional video to be viewed as required and if a shopper hasn't done a shop for the client in awhile. Can't answer both, choosing one or the other doesn't solve the problem.

Anyone else have a problem with this companies tests?

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Richard Feynman-- letter to Ashok Arora, 4 January 1967, published in Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track (2005) p. 230

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There was a trick to that quiz if I remember correctly...but that was 2 years ago.

Honestly, their shop fees right now aren't worth completing the quiz. Seriously, ice cream is $6.20 plus food requirement. Gas stations are $5.50.

The fees aren't getting higher, although they send emails saying the fees are higher. They have very few clients left. BUT if you want ice cream for the food and $6.20 floats your boat take it. I took one for $5 to feed my teenage son. It was worth it to me for that, but not on a normal msing day.
SAM I've received several emails saying shops were bonuses in my area and not a single shop has actually been bonused. I don't know how they're still in business.
Rumor is that when the contracts of their current clients end, they will be out of the MS business. Time will tell.
Thanks, figured out it was the When should you review the Instruction video, wasn't very clear.

I'm waiting for verification of my SSN, seems more time consuming than other sites. But there are a few shops I can knock out in route to doing other shops.

Thanks again for everyone's imput.

Do not read so much, look about you and think of what you see there.
Richard Feynman-- letter to Ashok Arora, 4 January 1967, published in Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track (2005) p. 230

"We have some remaining XXXXXXXXX shops that we need completed as soon as possible. Please check for shops in your area and let me know if you have any questions. We are offering HIGH COMMISSIONS"

The high commission? $14 ........... ROFLMAO
Oh I've got one better. I received both a phone call and email from the scheduler that handles the FF that they have a few of but Market Force has most of. Both emails said they were paying high fees and were desperate to have these done by the end of the month. I sent an email with a list of locations and fee requirements and got a reply this morning that they would never pay what I'm asking and that they would fly off the board at $20 each (which they haven't, lol).

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I got that email, too, AustinMom... all-caps and the whole thing... but the commission was $12!!! Although, the other one *was* $16. But still... really?!

I would probably do the $20 for the couple that are very close to my house... but otherwise, no. Even at $20 I'm not entirely sure, since that food now seems to be giving me gall-bladder problems! (One of the perks of MS'ing FF, I guess!)

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BEWARE BEWARE for those doing any stericycle shops that require entering on Internet Explorer.... there is no current fix to the security problem..... This is not the XP problem but a security problem for anyone using IE> I hear it might be a day or two for a patch.
I have discovered that Google Chrome browser work better then ie ever did on CRI-Stericycle. There was 1 error message but I ignored it and did the report and it went in fine, and much faster.

Happy Shopping to all.
This is one of the few companies I have decided to not do any mystery shops for. I did a shop for them at a bedding store, and the pay already had me upset so I don't even know why I took it. Ended up spending an hour doing the shop and when I got home, the report would not submit. I tried all weekend to contact them - through the phone and email. No response. Meanwhile I was getting emails that my shop was overdue and I would be unassigned. Finally they unassigned me, and wouldn't you know on Monday they offered me the shop again. I don't think so. A waste of my time and they never did answer my phone calls or emails, I heard nothing back from them about the initial shop. I had done a shop for them years ago, and had no problems, but I think I remember reading they were bought out by another company?
I did a lot of work for them in the past, but I always felt that they were insulting their contractors, by starting their shops off with $4. I would not walk down the end of my street for $4. It was if they were saying "hee, we get a certain amount from our clients for the shops, so if we can get a shopper to assign at the low end, we make more money and when we are near the end of the month and we have a quota to meet, we will increase the commision." They have lost a lot of their accounts to Maritz.
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