..but seriously... (Stericycle)

I just received an email, "We have several <seasonal retail store involving paperbacks> shops available for YOU tomorrow and the rest of the week!"

They are listed STILL at $5 shop fee. I miss they days when these went to $12.50, then $15, then $18, then eventually up to $30 to $50.

$5? Not-a-chance! ..but seriously...I want CoRI back!!! sad smiley

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Many of us feel they are no longer going to be in the mystery shopping business for much longer.

I did a lot of work for Cori in the past and this is really sad. I guess it's time for us to move on.
Don't forget the added message, "With New HIGHER Commisions." Causing great excitement only to find the new higher commision is only $7.50!!!!! :-(
I deleted the company from my list last week. It was a great company to work for while it lasted.
While I can no longer count on them for the high commissions from the not too distant past, I have been able to use them as fill. Call a scheduler. I have been able to get the fees boosted.
I received an E-mail describing name removed shops with a bonus. Currently they're at $4.

But, now they're bonusing them to $1.50

I am also getting e-mails that they will waive the age requirements, but I cannot see them on the board, and the e-mail bounces back. Fine by me. One less thing to worry about, lol.
I have never done an assignment for CoRi or Stericycle. Stericycle doesn't pay enough to entice me to do anything for them.

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Not scheduling for ANY company.
I only done the Ice Cream shop for them and someone has been taking them in my area for less than $5.00. Now they are more like $7.50 but too far away.

Willing to travel, Alberta, Canada
Off topic but I saw a large Stericycle waste management truck next to me yesterday at a red light. I wanted to spit on it. How are these businesses connected except for the fact that they bought CoRi?

I'm sure Trashman will have a really good response to the above remark, but seriously, why mystery shopping and wasted management? HA HA Typo. I get it WASTED MANAGEMENT.

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I have been getting the "bonus" emails too. I said I could help do a last minute multi-part shop for $20. Nope, they offered me $11. At least that's more than the $4 commission I see on a lot of their shops. CRI used to do wayyy higher commissions and I emailed the rep to tell them that their commissions and "bonuses" are really low, way lower than the industry standard it seems.
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