Another post on these guys, but I just really don't understand what they're doing these days. The college bookstore shops were recently on the board. I don't know if they even rose to a $10 commission. There were some rural areas that I used to do regularly for $50. Anyways, they're not on the board any longer. I know that they need to be performed around the end of the semester, and that time has passed. I doubt shoppers picked up all of those shops at the low rates being offered. Don't you think the client would want the locations to be shopped? I'm assuming they weren't done unless Steri reached out to shoppers individually offering bonuses.

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I've been watching their job board as well. They've been sending e-mails for a shop. The commission is at $8.00 and I really don't like doing it for less than $20. I've done it for up to $50! So even though I'll be passing right by - not doing it for $8
Bookstore only pops on when they cannot find the correct age range.
Swimming pool is STILL sitting for $6 no bonus. Might be sitting till the 4th of July at that rate.
I just seems to me that their clients (the few they have left) would want to see more results. Shops just sit there for months at a time.
I wonder if they're hurting for shoppers. So many of us have stopped working with them, including myself, because of their low rates.
I haven't done a shop for them since they switched to being Stericycle. Pay is too low. When there were some shops that popped up to a decent pay rate, the system didn't allow the shop to be picked up. I wrote to them to pick up the shop and no one responded. Unprofessional. Some of the shops just aren't around anymore because the economic downturn forced the companies into not having mystery shoppers.
I've been asked lately to take a survey. I won't do them.

Maybe that's the future of mystery shopping....
Is it possible that they are keeping the business so that they can write it off as a loss?


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I did 20 casual restaurant shops for these guys in 2012 and 2013, and then they went away. I haven't done anything for them since December. It's strange to see a company just die.

I still have a perfect score with them, though. ;-)
Interesting thought... could be. They also need to keep the other side of the business for recalls.
They are probably holding retainers from the big companies to have recall employees on stand by just in case as in peanut butter, tylenol years ago etc.

pammie8223 Wrote:
> Is it possible that they are keeping the business
> so that they can write it off as a loss?
Im just happy that the teen store with zero shop fee has not had the reimbursement lowered. We love those! ( tweens love those!!) I have one for this weekend.
Beware of shopping for "Expert Solutions". I've had the unforunate experience of getting burned by an msc that went out of business. It looks like Expert Solutions is headed in that They have lost a lot of clients and they are trying to get shops done for 1/4 of what they used to pay (presumably because they have no cash). Eventually they will go under completely and people won't get paid.

Personally I haven't seen anything worthwhile posted on their site since February and the spam emails about "urgent" shops just won't stop. What a shame. It was a great company when it was CORI.
CORI, you are missed indeed. sad smiley It was fun keeping an eye on the rising commissions, and wondering if I'd be the lucky one to snag it at just the right time!

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Might be time for me to check them out again. $8.00 for Ice cream treat and a meal plus reimbursement. My daughter would enjoy.

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It's just hard to do it for $8 when I used to do it for at least $15. Don't forget the PayPal charge.
I did a bunch last year for $20.00 to $30.00 while travelling north. If I am in the area and I have the time, I would do one for $8.00 but not at $4.00 like the ones in my area all disappeared.

Willing to travel, Alberta, Canada
A head's up in case you haven't noticed this, which I'm sure you have! smiling smiley

The instructions for the treat shops have 2 different scenarios.

One says this is a drive thru shop.

The other set of instructions say it's a counter shop.

I emailed them and got a reply immediately.

I would suggest you confirm this if you're going to do them.
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