CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!! I JUST recieved a email from Beyond Hello and it said they put $70.00 in my PAYPAL ACCT. For signing with them. Has anyone else heard or seen anything else like this? Please help! I've been doing this for a little oner a year and never seen anything like this. I signed up today with Jobslinger plus does that have something to do with it? I haven't done anything for the company as a shop recently so I am really confused? Thanks for any feed back!

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I've never seen this personally, but if they are feeling generous, they can give me $70 too.

I would message Beyond Hello first, using the link in the Official List below, and ask if they're aware of this.
I was surprised when I saw it too! I'll take free money any day! I just wanted to check to see if anyone else had received anything similar to this. I am going to send an email to Beyond Hello now.
Sorry I missed understood what I was reading and recieved. Everything is legitimate. Sorry for the mistake or confusion I may have caused!
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