Service Sleuth leaving out Important details of shops on the assignment page

So, there was a new shop from Service Sleuth. I signed up for it as I was going to be at the mall and it would fit right in. There were no guidelines or any details for the shop (I guess that should have been a warning. After signing up (self assigned), the shop was a purchase and return. The return was for the NEXT day. I'm fine with a return in the same day, but this mall was 20 miles from home. This is the type of actions from a MSC that is highly disappointing. If it's a purchase and return the next day shop, that needs to be on the assign page. Just beware of Service Sleuth.

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Unfortunately it is not unusual for a company to leave out a key detail or two in the brief description of the shop to get you to accept it. Let me suggest you email them ASAP to cancel indicating that you will not be able to do a return the next day or even within a few days due to the distance.
I had this issue with a different MSC yesterday. I signed for a shop AFTER I looked online.... it was "bill pay" shop. I saw on the internet site that this company accepts my payments for my telephone bill... so I asked for the shop. It was assigned, so I was downloading the instructions...

Which contained further instructions. I can use the "bill" I wanted to because of the additional instructions.

So, I had to decline the job. I told the MSC that they should put that information in up front. After all, I had checked the internet site before I signed for the job, and I didn't see a problem. But I didn't have the additional information.

"Because the scenarios change for this project we do not include the "xxxx" requirement in the screening questions. Once you do read the guidelines, it is okay to cancel if you cannot adhere to the particular scenario. Thank you"

Of course, that statement came after...."unfortunately, .... the shop will probably be invalidated and you won't be paid."

I don't understand how all of us can be in the communication business.... and have such a lapse in the communication processes???????
> I can use the "bill" I wanted to because of the additional instructions.

I assume you mean "can not"?
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