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The other current thread on Kern Scheduling had gotten a bit off track. I would like to use this thread to discuss my current issues with their schedulers.

Disclaimer: If you are having good experiences with Kern - Good For You! Enjoy!!!

Due to past poor results, I decided not to bother with them for a while. Recently, I decided to give them another shot. Bad Idea as nothing has changed.

I received an email begging me to do a cell phone shop. The drop dead deadline was 2 days away. I immediately applied for it. No response for a day and a half so I called the MSC doing that brand and explained that I had gone thru Kern with no response. The MSC assigned me the shop, I completed it and submitted the data that day. The next day my application was still pending @ Kern so I deleted it. This is the same crap that they have pulled on me several times in the past.

My secondary complaint is their postings on our Job Board. Subject lines like 'Jobs In Your Area" are seldom true. When did Arizona move next to Alabama? I have sent messages to Kern Schedulers about this each time they have posted this. Never even the courtesy of a response or edit.

Third complaint for the moment. Yes, they are Cheapskates. More than that they are inefficient Cheapskates. Many times a simple call or email to the MSC will authorize Bonus Money for hard to fill locations. They do not bother. Instead they flood you with emails begging for help.

Lori Kern has recently renewed her membership on this Board. I wish she would read my post and at the very least, discuss this with her employees...

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I'm still learning 24/7.

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Amen. Certainly Kern as the scheduling company is a negative with me if I can't just self assign and report the shop through the website of the initiating job. I really dislike working through ANY third party, but definitely try to avoid KSS.
I've shopped since '07. Kern's business practices, on our side of the fence, have not changed. They are by and large unresponsive, and not just when time is of the essence. I avoid them as often as possible. It's an inefficiently run company that disrespects shoppers' time.

Agreed, their posts on our Job Board are misleading and inaccurate, and therefore ignored.
I had accepted a route of several repair shops, with the understanding that there was a two week window, with over 200 miles round trip involved. Imagine my surprise when I received an urgent email, telling me that I needed to do the 98 mile away one in two days, not the following week which had already been scheduled. I would be in the area for another job the following week which would have covered the mileage and drive time. I did the assignment as I felt that I had committed to it. I told them then that I would not do another route or assignment for them, and have not done anything for them since.
I would rather eat greenbean casserole than work for them ever again in this lifetime.

Her Serene Majesty, Cettie - Goat Queen of Zoltar, Sublime Empress of Her Caprine Domain
Cettie Wrote:
> I would rather eat greenbean casserole than work
> for them ever again in this lifetime.

So it's a possibility in your next life?

My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.
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Cettie Wrote:
> I would rather eat greenbean casserole than work
> for them ever again in this lifetime.

Do you have a recipe?
I will have to say that I have done more than 30 shops for Kern and have yet to have any problems. Guess I lucked out.
I think the key with this company is to never have a problem. If you have a problem, you may have a problem.

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