Beyond Hello is really unprofessional

They keep sending me emails for an airport shop. THREE TIMES I emailed the scheduler and said I'd like to take both shops in Phoenix, but needed to know if the shops could be done on a Sunday. No reply. So finally I looked up the company phone number. The scheduler was not listed on their switchboard, so I had to leave a general message. When I got no reply in 24 hours after saying that I needed to know for this past Sunday, I called again. Still no response.

Okay, I think, so maybe they filled the shop . . . .


So wait, someone offers to do the shops with a very simple scheduling question and you ignore them for literally two weeks, then continue to beg to get the shops filled? If I ran my small business that way, it'd go under.

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I've only done one shop for them. They've ignored all my other applications. I am mostly not interested in their shops, so the feeling is mutual. They have the "upscale" stores and want you to show up wearing designer clothes and handbags worth thousands of dollars for $15. Yeah, right!
They told me once I should have known to go shop the store that moved locations.... I tried calling in. No answer. And how should I have magically known to shop the new location several miles away?
Hmmmm, I have done a lot for them on a regular basis and never had even a small issue...

I wonder if it's geographical.

Keep in mind I never had to call them with a question. If I ever had an issue I put it in the comments/questions area of the shop log for that shop.

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
I have performed 51 shops for them and I have never had a problem with communication or payment. I know that some of their schedulers work out of the office while others work out of their homes. I have been successful reaching schedulers by both e-mail and phone.

Greg is a scheduler with BH. He posted an introduction in the New Members section a few months ago. Maybe you should try to contact him.

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I had the same issue with their airport shops. I don't take it personally. I have a long history with them (over 15 years).
If they have a scheduler that can't get it together, their loss.
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