TrendSource Not answering emails or phone calls

I have had a great relationship with TrendSource until Monday now all of a sudden they won't answer my emails or phone calls. I can't self assign and when I request a shop I never near back. Anyone else having problems with them?

Shopping all of central Indiana.

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Haven't done a job for them in months since they no longer have my two favorite clients. I have never had a problem with them.
Here is what I have on them

trendsource contact
sophia 619-718-7467 ext 243

I hope this helps.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I think I'd ask what are you calling and emailing them about? If there is a job, there is a procedure for requesting it and requesting a bonus so you don't need to email or call about that. If there is no immediate urgency to your question, they may have just not gotten around to answering yet.

If you're in the midst of a job and have a question, then that would be very disturbing if they're not answering, but if this has been going on since Monday, the job is likely past deadline by now.

So it's hard to tell if this is an issue without knowing what you're trying to reach them about. Have you been able to self assign previously, and now can't? Self assigning is an option that is earned, but I can't remember the criteria. If you're requesting shops and not getting them, that generally means a more experienced agent also requested the job, or was able to self-assign and you couldn't.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
They finally got back with me. The reason I can't self assign right now is because I have done too many shops for one client. Corey is assigning them day by day until the new program starts.

Shopping all of central Indiana.
They had a new phone system installed lately and the toll free number is not accessible from everywhere. I was chatting with Brenda, great scheduler, and she was not aware of the phone problem until I tried to reach her. E-mails are answered very quickly.

Willing to travel, Alberta, Canada
I have had various small issues with Trendsource, but a lack of response hasn't been among them. My experience has been their support staff responds very promptly and politely.
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