I am extremely frustrated with this MSC. I will not accept assignments from them going forward. I have 4 invoices that are now 74 days old. I have sent inquiries to the and all I have received are automated responses. the responses indicated that if your problem is solved by the automated response, send an email back indicating that your questions is answered and your problem solved, otherwise they will contact you. I have yet to receive a response from my July 30th inquiry or my August 10th inquiry. When contacting the scheduiler that I work with, she indicated that she can not call the shopper payment center or anyone at Confero, she conducts all her business by email. Anyone have any suggestions?

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A few months ago, I had payments creeping over into 60 days past due. Most of the time, I don't chase them down untilthey reach 90 days, but this was for 27 shops. I called their client number, explained that I was a shopper, not a client, but couldn't find a number for them for shoppers. I explained my situation, got transferred a million times, and finally spoke to someone who took down my information and promised to look into it.

Honestly, I thought "Yeah right" but, 3 days later, received my payment, and got a phone call the following day asking if I'd received it.

No clue what's going on over there, but I've been careful ever since, scheduling only a few at a time.

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