Beyond Hello?

This is really weird. I'm trying to do a search on this forum for Beyond Hello and it's coming up as nothing found.

Can someone tell me how long it takes the editors to approve a shop? Are they reasonable when they edit, or nitpicky?


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I've only done one shop for them and it was a year ago. They only seem to have one client in my area. I don't remember how quickly they assigned shops.

They gave me a 10 on my report, and the comments were very nice:

"A 10 is a superior evaluation. It was completed and submitted on time, with no additional information or clarification needed. The shop was performed correctly, with project specifications followed exactly as outlined. The evaluation was free of spelling/grammar errors, wording errors and contradictions. The information provided was complete and done in a professional manner. A "snapshot" of the visit was provided in a way that explained your "yes" and "no" responses. Thank you for your efforts."
Beyond Hello has been around a long time. I shop for them occasionally, one recently. All shops are in their log, finished or unfinished. They pay in 30 days. Their reports are simple. I'm not sure how long they take to get back to you, usually in a few days or more.
I have completed over 200 shops for Beyond Hello this year. If they have a large project going on, response may be slower typically your reviews are completed within 24 to 48 hours. Schedulers are great to work with and I have been very happy with the jobs I receive and the payments are always on time.!!
They are usually pretty good at reviewing quickly and are generous in their ratings since I have always gotten great reviews. In our area they do large 'whole mall' shops and have you test out on the first 10 shops....those get reviewed usually within 24 hours so you can complete the rest.
It's been over a week and my shop is still not scored. I will be contacting them today about it.
I love the editors, but the approval time varies. I've had reports approved within an hour, and others in a week.

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