I am new to Mystery Shopping, has anyone had any issues with Confero? I was scheduled to do two shops on my vacation, so they were to fed ex my prizes to a location on my way, I received one set of prizes but someone mistakenly sent the other set to my home. I let them know I only had the one prize package so I could only do the one shop for them and was told they would have to reassign one. They ended up giving me a rating of 1/10 for not doing the shop. Isn't it there fault I didnt receive the necessary prizes to complete the shop? Why did I get the bad rating? They won't answer my email or talk to me about this.

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You shouldn't have gotten a rating at all, since the shop was cancelled.

I like Confero and have never had any issues other than scheduling on the board for some of their shops, where the dates are all wonky.

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I would advise you to escalate to a project manager at Confrero to get that mark removed.

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I had something kind of similar happen to me where I couldn't complete the shop due to location closing before I could shop it. I explained everything in my comments and explained that I was told a later closing time when I had called the location. I received a 1/10 and they took away my item reimbursement (I still was going to get paid). I emailed them and asked why, and then without responding they just took away the rating and added the reimbursement back in. So hopefully that happens with you! Just keep an eye out on your shop log!

I should add that I think I noticed the bad rating and no reimbursement that night so I sent the email at night, and I believe by the morning when I woke up it was resolved. Again, no email reply back, they just changed it.

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js, why would removing the reimbursement have mattered? You didn't buy anything because the place was closed, right?

Plan the work. Work the plan.
No I did. I don't want to give any details of the shop because it'll clearly give away what kind of shop it was, but yes I had to buy something in order to gain access to my shop. So not everything was closed, just the part I was shopping.

I have had that with a mall location, where both their website listing stated they closed at 9:00, and when I called, they said they closed when the mall closed, so, 9:00, but when I got there at 7:00, they'd closed at 6:00.

It wasn't for Confero though, and I just explained what happened and rescheduled.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Yeah, this one was a tricky one. Especially since I had already made a purchase. The part that I was supposed to shop was open when I first arrived, but in order to be less suspicious I decided to wait until later to complete it, but when I went back they were closed. I think I was just 2 minutes too late. But I still interacted with who I was supposed to interact with, they just wouldn't take my money and I couldn't properly do the shop!

It was one of those shops where, on paper, it seems black and white and really simple, but then when you go to do it there is so much gray area and you have to think on your feet and make quick decisions!
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