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I'm trying to report a few shops and everything will go through except every question that has to have a written answer (name, item, etc). Anyone else have this problem?

Also, anyone have a phone number for them? I have a pay issue and I email and they request a receipt, and I resubmit and they request it again. I want to TALK to someone.

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They respond promptly to emails. They called me the other day but I didn't think to capture the phone number and I think I deleted the voicemail already. I'd try email. I've found them quite responsive to any questions I've ever asked.

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If you have a smartphone you can try the MSI app. Maybe it will accept your input through that.

Not all shops can be input through the app, but it might be worth a try. It's called MSI Mobile.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Try (619) 718-7467 and zero out for the operator.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
619-718-7467 ext 243 sopia estudante scheduler also <PM me for email>

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.

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Buffalo, might want to edit your post, and PM the email address so that poor Sopia isn't inundated with spam from trolls.

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Hello, Gogogirl. I have found that the browser can be the problem. Some website surveys do not work that well in one or two browsers. I have Firefox, Chrome, IE and even a dial-up left over from many years ago - Juno. It's 1:30 AM EST, where I am, and I am going to be up for hours. I am a Night Owl!
Have been having problems with them reading my receipt, always comes back saying it is blurry, which I don't see.
Having my camera checked, no other problem, always pay on time.

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I am having problems with the Trend Source computer system in that it is losing my commentaries. I did two shops for them last week and had this problem with both shops. I reported this repeatedly to them, to the general contact and to two individuals who told me "it is not my department". Now I see on this forum that this same problem was going on six weeks ago! I did have a few successful shops with them earlier in the year, but those shops were for another client. This current program is a mess and what is most annoying is that they are not accepting responsibility for their system errors. This has been a very bad shopping experience.
Cookie, from my experience, on some of the BVs, when you enter comments that are meant specifically for TS and then make edits, those comments disappear. I always copy the comments...just in case....


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I just went to do their 4:00/8:00 grocery, to find this one now closes at 4:30. This looked like it is closing for good.
My bad, I went to the wrong location (1st. time), so, re-doing today, they were nice to extend due date.

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Try Chrome. I have problems with IE. They are aware that this is a problem. If you go through their support for that specific project, explain that you are having issues, they are very understanding about computer issues.

Shopping Central PA now..
My receipts come back numerous times for being blurry. I took my camera to Best buy and they said they can read the receipts, as I can....anyone else having this problem?

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I use to change the resolution to fit the 1mb requirements but now I just upload them from my phone as is. I have not had any problems since.

Shopping Central PA now..
Call this guy, he is a scheduler but he can get you to the right person. That is their main number btw so you can also just go to the receptionist but I would ask Corey. Good luck!
619.718-7467 ext 423
Corey Dunn
I took my camera to Best buy and they cleaned my lense (my bad), and updated the resolution....latest receipt worked!

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