Help, How to upload from gallery to report, scan or camera pic

Can any road warriors advise, help please! Took a route out of my area, my laptop is down until I can get a new battery or AC adapter which shorted out. So rather than using multifax machine scans for my collateral and biz cards I took used my smartphones high end camera.

My plan is to use my smartphone to do the report. My question: how do I figure out the "pathname" to grab the business card for the upload on a smartphone? Think my gallery links to my sdcard. I'm also trying out mobile scanner apps but again the issue is the path.

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There are two main choices. Both are easier than the explanation.

If you have an Android phone, connecting it by USB cable to your PC (not a Mac) may result in it prompting you as to what you want to do. It will be connected as a mass storage device. I suggest that you go directly to My Computer or a folder or something familiar to you and look for your connnect phone. My Samsung Galaxy S4 shows up as SCH-1545 (I think) and then my PC launches Autoplay. If you see Autoplay, tell it to open the folder (or device). Either way, you need to navigate to where your photos are stored. You do that by clicking. I store my photos on a microSD card rather than in the phones internal storage; some Android phones do not accept microSD cards so you will only have internal or "phone" storage), so I click on "dcim". This is the same name that digital cameras use to store photographs. After that, you will probably find a folder for each month. Open the one you want.

If you have a phone with a microSD card in it, and you have a reader which accepts microSD card and connects via USB to your PC, or if you have an adapter which makes a microSD card fit into an SD slot and you have either a place to plug an SD card into your laptop or relatively new PC, do that. It will show up as a drive. Open the drive, look for the "dcim" folder and proceed as above.

Trust me, this is very easy. I connect my phone via a USB cable when I am not able to just mail myself a photo (note attaching a photo to an email is not the same as sending it as a text message. The text message greatly lowers the resoluion. To maintain the original resolution, send it as an email attachment.

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Thank you myst4au. I do understand both options linking phone to laptop/pc...and have done both methods for many shops as well as emailed shared photos from gallery or camera scanner mobile apps Thanks for trying to come to my rescue! But I guess I didn't express what my problem was in my other post.

My problem is my laptop/PC is on the fritz. So I cannot use it period, until I get a power supply AC adapter or battery. The library was other computer except my Android smartphone. So I did most of my banks shops reports on the phone. But then got stuck as how to get the biz card and other collateral uploaded into report.

Luckily, my friend was back from Canada so I popped over to her place and ended up borrowing her computer. But boy would it have been easier to do it all via smartphone. I periodically do shops for some MSCs who do have a way of receiving collateral via their app, but it is buggy and they have very little in my area. I got kind of spoiled on the reports that did load smoothly but deleted their app when they would not respond to the apps technical issues.

So prior to using friend's pc, I tried various ways: cloud drive ideas...and scanner apps instead of sending pic to gallery. Have not gotten stealth mobile app to work either (it doesn't show up even in email as a valid file ).

I have ES File Explorer, Dropbox, & GDrive...any fellow geeks out there come up with solution to doing reports strictly by smartphone? BTW this was SASSIE upload platform.

Mission accomplished for report submittal but I still need to fix PC. Any ideas? You can PM me if you prefer. Would love to have emergency plan to do simple reports by smartphone that require collateral upload, without using laptop/PC.

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Now I understand. I have also been stumped trying to figure out how to get a photograph from my Android phone into a Sassie report which I could otherwise have submitted from my phone. I might have to break down and ask my 19 year old son (he claims to know everything, and I hate to provide him with any more chances to demonstrate that in as much as he also says that I am untrainable when it comes to my smart phone!).

Maybe someone will come and rescue both of us from our shared ignorance. (Ignorance can be cured, stupidity on the other hand .... ) smiling smiley

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Love your humor...nowadays my phone wants to do it's own thing. Swype just isn't the same after the I have to be so diligent to proofread more than once.

Even this comment reply box forum is doing odd doublespeak!
PM Gypsymonkey. She has had to do complete shops from her phone because her laptop got damaged.

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