JM Ridgway & Grocery shops

I just want to say that after reading the "instructions' (which is really just a series of warnings within the survey form) I will NEVER complain about the Trend Source Grocery Shops and their silly questions again!!!

Edited to add: HOWEVER, I'll take the actual SHOP any day of the week over those darned focus department questions and tracking down 8 employees all over the store!!

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I agree - I get so exhausted reading all the warnings ... "YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF ...." and "YOUR SHOP WILL BE CANCELED IF" over and over and over in all-caps and red and blue print. I did one JMR shop and had to chase my payment after 45 days. I guess that makes me glad they don't have a lot going on in my area.

HOWEVER, I just did the TS grocery shop yesterday and WOW! ... I actually came on here to see if anyone else had ever mentioned it. What a PITA!!! The pre-application description was technically accurate, but IMO, it didn't really give a clear picture of the extent of the expectations. I'll have to be pretty bored before I'll volunteer for that again. I seriously thought the employees wondered if I was a stalker the way I was going back and forth.

Anyway, I know the drill: That just leaves more shops open for those who don't mind. I'm glad we all like different things because I'm sure I'm doing other shops that someone else can't stand. smiling smiley

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I've considered doing them, but I like to know what I'm getting into before I commit. How much do they want you to do? How many interactions. The grocery stores that they have here are tiny ones with 3 employees at most. What do they expect?

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The standard grocery shop w/Ridgway is easy-peasy. So is the report.

Interactions: Produce, Meat, and Deli/Bakery. Plus cashier. Count open registers and average customers in line. Check the can. Make sure entrance/exit area is clean/accessible.

Nicely laid-out report.

Just don't spend *less* than the $14. And report must be in by 9am the next day.

Very easy. I take 'em every time I can get one.

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Yep, I agree! The shop itself is a piece of cake! I'm looking for more of them and I'm definitely taking a break from the TS interaction-heavy shops. Unless they're HEAVILY bonused, I'm done for awhile.
Just sent an email asking about overdue payment on a shop from JM Ridgeway last night. Monday they email saying oh it got skipped and that they will issue me a paypal payment Tuesday. I will get it Tuesday. That is the number one reason I do maybe 2 shops a year for JM Ridgeway

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
I haven't had to chase a payment from JMRidgway for a long time, now. For a while, I had to send an email at the 90 day mark every single time... and then would get paid the next day or two. But for more than a year, maybe close to two? I get paid on-time or early (earlier than the 90 days, anyway) without 'reminding' anyone.

And, often get decent bonuses on out-of-the-way shops.

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
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