Where is Jancyns Shopper Site??

Has anyone tried to log on to Jancyn today? I have always logged onto their site at shoppers.jancyn.com. I just tried to log on because I have two shops scheduled tomorrow for them.
The site is gone - there is a "Coming Soon, Under Construction page" but not much more information.
Do any of you know anything about this? I am a little worried because I have 4 upcoming shops that I need to prepare for, and two of them are tomorrow. Yikes!

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I can't get to a log in page either, but here's a number: 800-339-2861.

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I sent an email to Carol@Jancyn, and she is always pretty quick to respond, but havent heard back from her yet. Thanks for the number, I will try that.
Poof, gone! Has anyone heard back from their scheduler? I have not.

Updated at 11:00 AM: I received a reply from my scheduler that "The system was down for a while, but should be okay now. Please give it another try. If you have further problems, please let me know. Thanks!"

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It finally came back earlier today. I received a response back from Carol giving me the same link, and told me to try it again, and it was back. Whatever was broken is fixed now. Same web address we have always used. Yay!
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