Clean up the official list of companies?

stilllearning Wrote:
> To clarify further:
> So should we cross reference the MR and Insula
> listings to Beyond Hello?
> (heart)

Sort of.

I think we should keep references to all three companies because as far as I can tell all three boards under the old names are currently active. Each listing should have a dated note describing the ongoing merger and what is expected in the future.

We can update the list in the future as things change.

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LisaSTL Wrote:
> Ardent Services - Company valid. My browser
> displays warning site is not secure. Does anyone
> have an updated link?

I don't have an updated link (don't know if there is one), but I get the same warning every time I access the site.
All that usually mean is that their security certificate expired and they have not renewed it. Not really as big of a deal as browsers make it out to be.

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I get that security certificate warning for Market Force when I'm on my phone using Chrome.
I ignore it.
Semi-Final list, pending forum members' approval, of active MSCs, merchandising companies and scheduling companies:

420 Intel Agency website: []
A Closer Look website: []
A Customer's Point of View website: []
About Face
Advanced Feedback Inc
Advantage Sales and Marketing
Albatross Global Solutions
All Star Customer Service Inc.
AMA Enterprises website: []
Amber Arch website: []
Amusement Advantage
Ann Michaels & Associates
Anonymous Insights
Apartment Shoppe
Ardent Services
ACE Mystery Shopping (Associate Consumer Evaluations)
Asset Protection Associates website:
At Random Communications website: []
At Your Service Marketing
Ath Power Consulting
Automotive Insights
B Business Solutions Inc
Baird Group Consulting
Bare Associates International (correct web address
BDS Marketing
Beyond Hello
Bild & Co. (see also Primo Solutions LLC) website: []
BLD Scheduling Shoppers website:
BMA Mystery Shopping / Best Market Audits
(The) Brandt Group
Buckalew Hospitality
Business Evaluation Services (see Mystery Shopper Services)
Business Observations website: []
Business Research Group
C3 Client Satisfaction website: []
Caliber Interactions (see Interactions Marketing)
Campus Consulting
Capstone Research website: []
Certified Field Associates
CHC Solutions website: []
Checker Patrol website:
CIMA Insight website:
Circle of Service
Cirrus Marketing
Clear Evaluations Inc
Coast to Coast Scheduling Services
Compliance Solutions Worldwide
Consumer Connections website:
Consumer Impressions
Consumer Insight (TROC/The Retail Outsource Company) website: []
Consumer Research Group / CRG
Consumer Service Analysis
CoRI (see Stericycle)
Corporate Insiders website: []
Corporate Risk Solutions (see Asset Protection Associates)
Count On Us website: []
Coyle Hospitality
Creative Agency Services Team (Cast Retail Project)
Creative Image Associates
Cross Financial Group website: []
Customer 1st / The Troy Dolan Group
Customer Experience Experts website:
Customer Impact
Customer Perspectives website: []
Customer Service Experts
Customer Service Profiles
Data Quest LTD
Devon Hill Associates website: []
DJC website:
DSG Associates Inc.
Dynamic Advantage website:
Eagle Eye Retail Intelligence website:
Elite Shopper Force website:
Ellis Property Management Services / EPMS
ESP (Evaluation Systems for Personnel) website:
Expert Solutions (see Stericycle Expert Solutions)
Eye Spy Critiquing & Consulting - []
Eye Spy Spotter Services Inc (see Hospitality Checkpoint)
Faith Perceptions website:
Feedback Plus (see also Sentry Marketing Group)
First Class Research Associates website:
Five Diamond Hospitality website:
Frontline Focus International
Frontline Shoppers website: []
GFK Mystery Shopping
Global Compliance Research
Goodwin & Associates Hospitality
GovPartners website:
Grass Roots website: []
Greenhouse Marketing & Communications website:
GSCField Research (see Intouch Insights)
Guest Check
Guest Service Solutions
Harland Clarke
Helion Research
Hope Research Group website: []
Hospitality Checkpoint
Hospitality Now website:
(The) Hotel Shopping Network website:
HS Brands
i-SPY Hospitality Audit Services website:
I-Spy Mystery Shoppers
ICCDS: ICC Decision Services (see North Fork Research)
ICU Associates, Inc. website: []
Impact Marketing
Imyst Mystery Shopper
Informa Research Services
Inland Empire Market Research website:
Inside Evaluator Brands (formerly Inside Hospitality)
Insight Market Research website: []
Insight Twenty20
Instant Reply
Insula Research (see Beyond Hello)
Interactions Marketing website: []
International Service Check
InTouch Insights
Ipsos Mystery Shopping
Jancyn Evaluation Shops
JM Ridgeway
Kern Scheduling
Kinesis CEM
Lanla Marketing Research
Leblanc & Associates
Legacy Group Market Research/LG Market Research website:
LRA Worldwide
Management Consultant Group
Market Force website: []
Market Viewpoint LLC
Marketing Endeavors (see White Clay)
MarketWise Consulting Group Inc
Mass Connections (see Staying Connected)
MASSolutions website: [] and
Measure Consumer Perspectives
Melinda Brody and Company
Merchandising Consultants Associates website:
Mercantile Systems website:
Monterey Mystery Shopping
Mpact website: []
Mystery Guest (see Grass Roots)
Mystery Researchers (MR) (see Beyond Hello) []
Mystery Shopper Services (see also Business Evaluation Services)
Mystery-Shoppers Inc. websites: and
Mystery Shopping Canada website: []
MysteryShopPros website: []
website: []
National Shopping Service
National Shopping Service Network / NSSN
New Image Marketing
North Fork Research (formerly ICCDS) []
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants
Norton Norris -
n•site Market Research website: []
Oculus Training website:
Onion Insights website:
Palm Scheduling Services
Patron Edge website:
Person To Person Quality Mystery Shopping
Perception Strategies website:
Perfectly Frank website:
PerformaLogics website:
(The) Performance Edge website:
Phantom Shoppers website: []
Pinnacle Financial Strategies
Premier Service Inc.
Primo Solutions LLC (see also Bild & Co.) website:
Private Eyes Scheduling NOT Private Eyes Online
Promotion Network Inc. website:
Provantage Corporate Analytics
Quality Assurance Consulting Inc (QACi) Two websites: and
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers - website is [] (Not on list)
Quality Service Control website:
Quality Scheduling
Quality Shopper website:
Quest for Best Mystery Shopping
RDAssociates website:
Reality Based Group (Gamefilm Consultants)
Reality Check Mystery Shopping
Red Brick Scheduling website:
Reflections MS (uses isecretshop) correct website: []
Regal Hospitality Group
Remington Evaluations
Rentrak website:
Research Intelligence Group website:
Research Services Group (RSG) (see Mystery Rearchers and Beyond Hello)
Restaurant Cops
Retail Maxim website address should be: [] (no “s” after “http”)
Retail Track
Richey International
Ritter & Associates
Sales Quality Research Group (SQG)
Satisfaction Services
Second to None
Secret Shopper --
Sentry Marketing Group
Service Check
Service Connections Inc. website:
Service Evaluation Concepts
Service Excellence Group
Service Impressions
Service Metrics, Inc. website:
Service Performance Group
Service Research Corporation
Service Savvy website:!shoppers/c1auv
Service Scouts Mystery Shopping
ServiceSense website: (I can recommend this one)
Service Sleuth
Service Trac
Service With Style
(The) Shadow Agency- Newmark website:
Shadow Shopper
Shared Insight website:
Shop Angels
Shoppers Confidential Inc
Shoppers Critique International
Shoppers View
Shoppers, Inc.
Shoptalk Service Evaluations website:
Sinclair Customer Metrics
Six Star Solutions website:
Skilcheck website: []
SNEAK PEAKms website:
Sparks Research
Spies In Disguise
SQM Mystery Shopping - Sensors Quality Management Inc.
Spot Check Services Ltd. website:
Stacey's Strategic Solutions website: []
Statopex website:
Staying Connected website: []
SteriCycle Expert Solutions website: []
Strategic Reflections website:
Summit Scheduling and Editing
Superior Customer Solutions website:
Sutter Marketing
Taylor & Associates - no website – email: (include your name, email address, location, and phone number)
Technology Store Shopper
Test Track Research
(The) Training Factor Correct web address: []
TSN (Texas Shoppers Network)
TNS Global Mystery Shopping
TrendSource / MSI Mystery Shopping
TROC (The Retail Outsource Company) (see Consumer Insight)
Verify International website:
VeriTES website:
We Check website: []
White Clay (formerly Marketing Endeavors) website: website:

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


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Semi-Final list, pending forum members' approval, of no longer viable MSCs, merchandising companies and scheduling companies:

A Step Above Service Evaluations
A Top Shop
Certified Reports (Purchased by Market Force)
Channel Watch Mystery Shopping
Check Mark Inc
CheckUp Marketing
Circle of Service Mystery Shopping (Duplicate)
Consumer Perspectives (Incorrect Name)
Customer Service Perceptions
Direct Scheduling Services
Dot 2 Dot Retail Group
Excel Shopping & Consulting
Extra Eyes Nationwide, Inc
Focus On Service
Franchise Compliance
Freeman Group
Graymark Security Group
Greet America Inc
Harris Teeter
Insight Shoppers LLC
JDS Market Solutions
Marketing Systems Unlimited
Mars Research
Mass Connections
Merchandise Concepts
Mystique Shopper
Nationwide Services Group
Nationwide Services Group
Nimble Support Services
Peak Techniques
Pinkerton Compliance
Ramack Scheduling Services
Restaurant Evaluators
Secret Shopping Services
Service Advantage
Star Scheduling
Total Research Solutions
Truss Communications
Undercover Essentials LLC
Wireless Store Shopper
Wonder Marketing Inc


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.

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Semi-Final list, pending forum members' approval, of questionable MSCs to keep on the list:

AQ Services International website: [] (payment issues 2013-2014?)

Consumer Connection correct website: [] (Payment Issues 2009-2014?)

HDE (Hilli Dunlap Enterprises) (Payment Issues 2011-2014?)

Instant Replays website: - (payment issues plys recent posts: [])

Integrity Consultants, LLC website; (Payment issues. They've recently reestablished a presence on the forum.)

Retail Rapport Ltd [] (0 Discussions)


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.

Edited 6 time(s). Last edit at 12/16/2014 01:28PM by stilllearning.
FYI, the list of "active" MSCs only totals 170. Since many shoppers state they are signed up with 200+ MSCs, we must be missing a lot of them. Please post the MSCs, who are not on the list, but should be.



I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
With the mergers and acquisitions it is extremely likely the list has been pared down that much. I am registered with a number of them who have since gone out of business.

Is Consumer Connections the Canadian company? If so, should we add them to the questionable list due to payment issues?

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Important: Please post all corrections by Monday, 12/15.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I have a question that might be a correction. I have to say first, that I am not a shopper for Goodwin but went to investigate them as a possibility as it seems the payment is better/faster according to forum members.

I know there has been talk about Goodwin & Associates and their history of payments, or should I say non-payment or slow payment. Now I guess they are better, and some people are referring to them as Goodwin Hospitality. I thought this might have been a different company/division so I went to their website and saw their full name as Goodwin & Associates Hospitality. Could we list the full company name for dense people like me? Also I noticed that they have 2 mystery shopping programs - one for hospitality that they specialize in - website is
They also have another division of mystery shopping here called Customer Prophet at

P.S. I would also like to thank everyone for their hard work on this list. I admit I am not signed up for as many companies as I should be, and this is helping me tremendously to sign up with more.

I just compared my research list with the semi-final list and I have some that aren't on the semi-final list. I haven't shopped for any of these but they all seem to have valid sign up links.

420 Intel Agency - I didn't think this one was for real but it uses the iSecretShop platform.

A Customer's Point of View

AMA Enterprises - This one is a MSPA member

AQ Services International

At Random Communications

Business Observations

I'll list some more possibles tomorrow.
Is that the same AQ Services that seem to have some pay issues that some forum members have been talking about? Perhaps that should go on the maybe list.

Here are some additional names:
Amber Arch
CHC Solutions
Checker Patrol
Consumer Connections
Corporate Risk Solutions
Customer Experience Experts
Dynamic Advantage
Evaluation Systems
Expert Solutions
Five Diamond
Insight Market Research
Mass Connections
Mercantile Systems*
Retail Outsource
Secret Shopping Services
Service Savvy
Shared Insight
Shadow Agency
Stacey's Strategic Solutions
Strategic Reflections*
Verify International

*I have done a shop for them
These all seem to have working sign ups:


Capstone Research

Corporate Insiders - MSPA member

Count On Us

Cross Financial Group - MSPA member

Devon Hill Associates

Also, there appears to be two companies with the name Consumer Research Group, but only one on the semi-final list:
Thank you, Roxie!

I've added them all to the list, except:

Expert Solutions (Does not appear to be a MSC)
Retail Outsource (Does not appear to be a MSC)
Secret Shopping Services (Already on list as Secret Shopper)

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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Thanks, Stepanuk! I've added them all to the list, except Consumer Research Group, since I think they are both the same company based on the fact that both websites use the term ProShoppers.

Of course, I could be wrong, so please let me know if my assumption is incorrect.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Oh, I also put AQ Services International website: [] (payment issues 2013-2014?) on the "Questionable" list.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Thank you for the MSCs you've all suggested and hopefully, we will get more!

Going forward, if you all could include the website link for the MSC, it would be quite helpful.

Thanks again and keep the suggestions coming. smiling smiley


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
still earning, I'll look into that again. I'm only signed up with one CRG. Maybe I'll try to sign up with the other and see what happens.

I should add that some of these don't have a regular sign up link. On a few, I found information on how to register under careers or contact us. Some of these seem to be for the very experienced shopper only, but there are a lot of very experienced shoppers on this forum.

I can't vouch for how good these companies are, but maybe once they're on the list, others will chime in with their experiences.
Here's some more:

Elite Shopper Force - MSPA member -

Faith Perceptions - MSPA member -

First Class Research Associates -

Hospitality Now - MSPA member -

The Hotel Shopping Network -

Instant Replays - MSPA member - (not instant reply) -

Legacy Group Market Research/LG Market Research -
Thank you, you're right and I've added it:

Consumer Insight (TROC/The Retail Outsource Company) website: []


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Mystery-Shoppers Inc. - MSPA member - - also - they seem to be using both the Sassie and the iSecretShop platforms. I believe they have different shops on each platform. There's another MSP on with a similar name but they are two different companies. I have shopped for Mystery-Shoppers Inc.

Oculus Training -

Patron Edge -

Perception Strategies - MSPA member -

Perfectly Frank - MSPA member -

PerformaLogics - MSPA member -

The Performance Edge -

Promotion Network Inc. -
Most everyone knows it as CORI

stilllearning Wrote:
> Thank you, Roxie!
> I've added them all to the list, except:
> Expert Solutions (Does not appear to be a MSC)

CORI - Stericycle - Expert Solutions. Stericycle has another platform. It seems to be primarily things like product pick up so it may be more appropriate under Merchandising.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
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