Service Evaluation Concepts

Is any one doing any work with Service Evaluation Concepts. They have a lot paper work to sign up. I am just wondering if it is worth it.

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I signed up with them about 5 years ago and have only done I think 2 jobs for them. Their one major client in my are my vehicle wasn't eligible for and now that client is gone. Their other one was a no reimbursement that required about $80 of purchases and the fee on the shop did not justify a second trip to return stuff to 4 or 5 different departments in the store (even though no report was required for the return).
I have done a few shops for them...and they paid per contract. But I am not up for huge purchase and return shops, which is the majority of what they have here, so I rarely apply for any, and usually turn them down when they contact me to ask me to do them.

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I haven't shopped for them in quite awhile, but I routinely did over $300 in shops for them every month back in the late 90's!
I have shopped for them, but not often. The shop in my area really is a fun and easy shop - but the pay is really low. Their real incentive to get you to shop is the required product purchase reimbursement which is much higher than the pay. Since I don't really love the products, it is not worth it to me unless I'm at the mall anyway. I found that the schedulers were easy to work with and they pay reliably. But, I think this is the company that pays you twice. Once for the shop fee and once for the reimbursement.

(I so hope I am not confusing this company with another one. It is nearly 2 a.m. and I am relying on my sleep deprived memory.)
Please edit your post to remove the names of their clients, LadyElexia.

“Lying in bed would be an altogether perfect and supreme experience if only one had a colored pencil long enough to draw on the ceiling."
~Gilbert K. Chesterton
They are a good company, however, an expensive purchase return is always required, just not doing that these days. if you don't mind, they are a good Co.

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I signed up with them over a year ago but the only shop I have seen requires a big purchase/return. I don't like purchase/returns, especially for large amounts. So I haven't done anything for them.
I like them. I get a chance to put on the ritz.The purchases however can be extreme, rarely do I have a nest egg large enough to support purchasing an European designer purse. If I did would I be mystery shopping? The fees are good and I like the fact that reimbursements are itemized separately- should I be paying taxes on monies I advanced ? They pay in a timely fashion, another plus.Additionaly their account managers respond quickly. Got my husband to shop for them. A systems analyst he doesn't like, and I agree, their computer glitches or peculiarities. Nothing gives you a headache faster than an entry that dissapears!
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